the wulf.

02.28.2010 8:00 p.m.

a musical minimum festival

after Dog Star Orchestra 5

for Taylan Susam 

program a festival or event of experimental music and/or performance that consists only of works with indeterminate elements that might permit extremely minimal realizations. then, perform the most minimal realization of each of the works, holding fast to the instructions and minimums presented within each score, and not taking into consideration any additional external specifications, recommendations or preferences of the composer or other interested parties. additionally, feel free to choose works you're interested in, but do not program for variety - in the end, several (or all) of the works may in fact be silent, or barely present, or may nearly (or exactly) resemble one another.

presented by Adam Overton, the evening before his birthday - come celebrate!

see the full score:


posture series (of mari garrett) (2009), Adam Overton
performed by Mari Garrett

verbal scores, Nr. 7 , From "People's music" (2008-2009), Alexis Porfiriadis
performed by Adam Overton

posture series (of laura steenberge) (2009), Adam Overton
performed by Laura Steenberge

general impression piece (2009), Adam Overton
performed by Claire Cronin

featuring impressions of the two performances that preceded hers - first a performance by Adam Overton of Alexis Porfiriadis' People's music Nr.7, then Laura Steenberge's performance of posture series (of laura steenberge)

Basinski's Zipper (2007), Ric Royer
performed by Adam Overton & Gary Schultz

Do you feel different now? (2008), Elana Mann
performed by Adam Overton

In C (1964), Terry Riley
performed by Liam Mooney

Happy Birthday, Adam! (2010), Mari Garrett
performed by Mike Winter

all scores from posture series (2008-2009), Adam Overton
performed alphabetically by Adam Overton

Great Piece (2008), Eric Lindley
performed by Gary Schultz and volunteers