the wulf.

12.10.2010 8:00 p.m.

The Yggdrasil Soli

a project conceived and curated by Ulrich Krieger

composed by:
Antoine Beuger, Radu Malfatti, Carter Williams, Aniela Perry, Michael Pisaro, Julia Holter, Mark So, Ulrich Krieger

performed by:
christine tavolacci, flute; ulrich krieger, alto sax; doug wadle, trombone; eric clark, violin; aniela perry, cello; michael pisaro, guitar; julia holter, percussion; mark so, piano; scott cazan, laptop

9 solos by 8 composers, which can be performed simultaneously. Yggdrasil is the world tree from the nordic/germanic mythology, which reaches all nine nordic worlds - from Asgard through Midgard to .