the wulf.

02.22.2011 8:00 p.m.

Rick Bahto and Mark So

Rick Bahto: Sparse Gardens (2010). Performance for 35 mm Kodachrome slides and cassette tape. Two types of gardened spaces common in Phoenix are compared visually and sonically: the fussily landscaped strips and islands of parking lots and driveways, and vacant lots, bulldozed clear of buildings or natural desert that have been re-inhabited by weeds or rogue/remnant landscaping plants. 

Mark So: Girls on the Run (Other dreams.) [readings 37] (2010) [Ashbery series]. Performed by Liam Mooney, Kate Brown, Tuni Chatterji, Dave Hughes, Rick Bahto, Pablo Valencia, Julia Holter, Mari, Madison Brookshire, and Cat Lamb.

dessert reception.