the wulf.

05.11.2012 8:00 p.m.

"COME ON YOU FUCKERS" record release event

This record release event for the vinyl/publication "COME ON YOU FUCKERS" brings together performances of new and existing works by L.A. artists dealing with the themes of protest, translation, and the commodification of rebellious gestures. "COME ON YOU FUCKERS" is a solo piano transcription of a guitar smashing which critiques the contemporary climate of commodified rebellion and looks at translation as a generative methodology. Works and performances by: Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Paul Fraser, Odeya Nini, The Joshua Trio, KREation, Matt Broach, Max Gualtieri, Julian Valdivieso, Alex Sramek, Ingrid Lee, Taylor Brizendine, Richard Valitutto, Kate Hall, Evan Burrows, Adeline, Max Kutner, and The Buddy HollyCo$t.