the wulf.

05.01.2011 8:00 p.m.

Natacha Diels with Miller Puckette and Bryan Jacobs

Miller Puckette, Natacha Diels, and Bryan Jacobs join forces in a presentation of solo, duo, and trio works operating outside their reasonable elements. The group will perform Puckette's interpretation of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate for computer and trio; Bryan Jacobs' duo "Syncro-Vox and Other Cheap Animation Techniques" for guitar, alto flute, and electronics; Aaron Cassidy's vocal piece "I, purples, spat blood, laugh of beautiful lips", and a solo presentation of Puckette's infamous group The Convolution Brothers.

Miller Puckette is the Associate Director of the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) at UC San Diego, where he is working on the development of the free, open source real-time software system for live msical and multimedia performances called Pure Date ("Pd"). He was a member of MIT's Media Lab from its inception until 1987, and then a researcher at IRCAM, where he wrote the widely used computer program Max. He joined the Global Visual Music project in 1997 and has performed with the Convolution Brothers since 2004.

Natacha Diels is a musician living in New York City. She is the executive director of Ensemble Pamplemousse, one-half of the performance duo On Structure, and resident flautist of Red Light New Music. Her current compositional interested focus on corrupted loops and corpulent glitch. She attends Columbia University.

Bryan Jacobs is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University where he studies music composition with Tristan Murail, Fabien Lévy, Fred Lerdahl, and George Lewis. His music has been performed by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, International Contemporary Ensemble, The McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble, and Talea Ensemble, and others.