the wulf.

10.08.2019 8:00 p.m.

Mantis Trio, Kat & Ben, Chris Williams + Davy Sumner

the wulf. @ Coaxial Arts

1815 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA US 90015

Mantis Trio
Iranian-born Niloufar Shiri (Kamâncheh), Canadian-born Ben Finley (Bass + FX) and Czech-born Tony Fajt (piano) investigate new sounds within folk songs and apply elements of composed, improvised, and electronic music into them as a way of framing their personal narratives within the broader context of the migratory world.

Kat & Ben
voice and bass duo -> Kat & Ben weave electronic + acoustic worlds through co-composed, semi-improvised, grounded and weightless experimental songs.

Davy Sumner + Chris Williams
original compositions