the wulf.

04.04.2019 8:00 p.m.

Liew Niyomkarn + Inne Eysermans

the wulf. @ Coaxial Arts

1815 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA US 90015

INNE EYSERMANS:  Antwerp-based producer, musician and sound artist Inne Eysermans creates musical performances and spatial compositions, often in combination with text and/or (moving) image. In the upcoming performance, she will be exploring pre-recorded data and time in semi-structured, interactive environments created in Max/MSP and Mira.

LIEW NIYOMKARN:  Liew Niyomkarn's Aquabeez is a newest granular performance that conjures an image of greenery landscape, a dense swarm of insects. Liew reuses sound from field recording, feedback loop and traditional music that is stretched, mingled all together into a new form that leaves its original.

Liew Niyomkarn is Thai born, Antwerpen based artist who works with sound, drawings, found objects and essay. Liew’s work is known for its ecstatic and unpredictable event. Often expresses a sensory of flexibility and impermanence behavior through live performance. She often uses essay, found-objects, and sculpture in her performance.  Her works range from music composition, drawing, storytelling, and real-time performance. Liew has performed in many various places such as High Zero festival (Baltimore), BetaLevel (Los Angeles), Studio Loos (Den Haag), WORM (Rotterdam), Het Bos (Belgium), DAAD (Berlin), The Wulf (Los Angeles) and among other places.