the wulf.

04.07.2018 8:00 p.m.

Tofighi, Denney and Fink

the wulf. @ Coaxial Arts

1815 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA US 90016

"Tofighi, Denney and Fink” (Guitar Trio)

Three composer/performers from somewhat diverse backgrounds come together to perform their adventurous and exploratory compositions for three electric guitars.

Alan S. Tofighi is an Interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Valencia CA. Alan's work deals with analyses of the dispersion, obfuscation, and deformation of information. As a performer/composer Alan’s music typically lies within free improvisation with occasions of written work. Synthesis, just intonation, acoustics, preparations, non-formulaic scordatura, extended techniques, and conceptual grounding are all central.

Maxwell Denney is a Los Angeles based composer and guitarist, a member of Soup New Music, a member of the Tofighi, Denney and Fink trio and a founding member of Washington D.C.’s Beat on the Bard Theatre Company, where he still serves as Music Director. His work primarily focuses on harmonic fields, and the slow shift of focus within those fields over time. He is currently completing his MFA at California Institute of the Arts, studying composition and performance.

Michael Jon Fink has been a composer/performer with experimental and new music groups that have included the Negative Band, Musica Veneris Nocturnus, Stillife and Ghost Duo; and currently plays electric guitar with the Feedback Wave Riders (Free Improv), Trio Through the Looking-Glass (Jazz-inflected) Spectral Dawn Spirits (hierophanic, somewhat metallic, post-psychedelic ambient instrumental) and the Tofighi, Denney and Fink trio. For over thirty years M.J.F. has served on the CalArts music faculty where he teaches composition, orchestration and analysis.
His music appears on the Cold Blue, Contagion, C.R.I., Trance Port, Raptoria Caam and Wire Tapper labels.