the wulf.

04.09.2016 8:00 p.m.

Jordan Topiel Paul and Yasi Perera

80, 40 (2016) by Jordan Topiel Paul  is a long-form structure of indeterminate duration for web browser and any number of interpreters. Blocks of sonically dense noise, tones and rhythmic pulses are interspersed with periods of silence that articulate the space's resonant qualities and ambient background. As the piece progresses, the repeated elements begin to transform senses of attention, acoustic afterimage and timing.

Jordan Topiel Paul (b. 1985, NYC) is a composer whose work addresses the dynamics of listening, spaces and contemporary culture. Extending from the proposition that music's primary material is listening, his pieces point to an expanded musical context that foregrounds attention, physicality, venue, timing, and genre. His performances and installations have been presented foremost on the internet ( as well as in apartments, canyons, motels, chapels, museums, galleries, cafes, public plazas and music spaces throughout North America. He lives and works in Mexico City.

Asthma proprioception soft touch plastics night and day by Yasi Perera is a solo specified in terms of dispositional concious states described spatially, cinematically, or physically, without explicit reference to duration. This approach builds on an interpretation of Jerry Hunt's Sur John Dee in which 'described physically' comes to mean 'instruments whose physical properties specify so-called rhythmic properties'; or the imagination of playing instruments with such properties.

Yasi Perera is a percussionist, married to the road, currently arrested by the love of more than one old man in the San Francisco bay area. Since 2001 he's been working with Don Buchla, who never says "synthesizer". Recent exhibitions include large unsupported works on paper (on the order of 10' to 20' on a side) and technical apparatus for communicating with plants.