the wulf.

03.18.2016 8:00 p.m.

Archie Carey / Booker Stardrum / Andrew Bernstein

Archie Carey Bassoon Trio
Archie Carey is an experimental bassoonist and composer living in Los Angeles. He explores acoustic noise as well as analog electronics in his solo work and focuses on microtonality and extended techniques in his orchestral and chamber compositions.

Booker Stardrum Solo
Booker Stardrum is a percussionist/improviser/composer based in Brooklyn, NY. Stardrum's solo work began as an experiment to create new compositional ideas in percussive sound, born from his own idiosyncratic performance practice. In November 2015 he released "Dance And." Using synthesizer and extended percussion and recording techniques, "Dance And" exists at the intersection of minimalism, sound collage and percussive virtuosity. Stardrum co-leads, performs and tours with several projects including Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Landlady, VaVatican, and Delicate Steve and has released music on Northern Spy, NNA, Hometapes and Prom Night.

Andrew Bernstein Solo
Andrew Bernstein continues to redefine the capacity of the modern interdisciplinary musician, exploring the intersections of ecstatic live ritual and academic electronic music. As a member of rock polymaths Horse Lords, Bernstein guides the band's intricate arrangements through African-inspired percussion patterns, and intensifies their busy harmonic frameworks with torrents of cyclical saxophone melody. His solo music contextualizes these impulses into discrete pieces informed by the contemporary classical, minimalist, and avant-garde traditions.