the wulf.

02.27.2016 8:00 p.m.

Logan Hone MATCHES + It Foot It Ears

MATCHES by Logan Hone
A new suite for 4 instrument pairs, "MATCHES" is Logan Hone's response to vaporwave, Tinder, Tennis, and matchsticks. Featuring:
Molly Pease + Linnea Sablosky: Voice
Lauren Baba + Patrick Behnke: Viola
Marta Tiesenga + Andrew Conrad: Saxophone
Jake Sucher + Steven Van Betten: Electric Guitar

It Foot It Ears
IT FOOT IT EARS teeters between delicate chamber music and Avant-garage rock. A duo of percussion and electric guitar, IT FOOT uses prepared instruments and extended techniques to create a sound that has been described as adventurous neo-no wave visceral atonal groove rock.