the wulf.

02.06.2016 8:00 p.m.

Clay Chaplin, Tania Chen, and Jon Leidecker

Jon Leidecker / Wobbly
for iOS devices and mixer

Growing up as an electronic musician there was always more than a little bit of envy for acoustic instrumentalists.  Portable sound emanating from devices with no boot times;  feeling left out when two guitarist friends sat comfortably under a tree playing quiet music while watching a storm front slowly move in.  The last five years have seen a very quiet revolution.  Credible models of the bulkiest hallmark synthesizers in electronic music history now comfortably reside on a small device with a loudspeaker that I carry with me at all times.  Given five minutes in line at a bank, social media can not compete with rehearsing any number of incredible new apps;  my phone has become my primary instrument in a very short period of time.  Of course, there is also a dark side:  we can only trust that these apps are not abusing their access to these portable cameras and microphones that are in the room with us during our most private moments.

Growing out of the work I engaged in as a member of the group Negativland with primitive feedback oscillators from 2011-2013, 'Monitress' is a piece where the audio inputs of 2-4 iOS devices are routed in various configurations, causing self-playing chain reactions as they listen to each other to either process the audio, or convert the signal to MIDI information to drive a synth app's output.  The resulting sounds are frequently uncontrollable, but also very intimate, and audibly born out of my increasingly personal relationship with the mobile device.  In performance this piece runs anywhere from 20 to 180 minutes;  today's performance will dovetail into a solo piano performance by Tania Chen.

Clay Chaplin
solo on laptop and electronics

Chen / Leidecker duo, Color Field Studies
The interaction of colors
The interaction of sounds

These studies begin and end with a visual grid as a reference in which sounds are interspersed within the durational space. We will be using electronics, keyboards and found sound material.

Jon Leidecker / Wobbly
Improviser and master of electronic touslings, Jon Leidecker / Wobbly has plundered the realms of sampling and collage using electronics in all its forms, notably with the Bay Area based NegativLand, & has collaborated with the electronic based bands Moebius and Matmos. Wobbly is currently investigating the way his iPads, iPhones and the Super Booper Electronic Oscillator - an analog feedback device made from bits of scavenged radios and amplifiers - can communicate with each other in his compositions and in live improvised performance. Jon's work with NegativeLand has taken him across Europe and the USA from Paris, Spain, London to New York and beyond.

Tania Chen
Performance artist, experimental musician, and free improviser, Tania Chen is also a leading interpreter of compositions by John Cage, Cornelius Cardew and Morton Feldman. Her adventures in the world of free improvisation have given rise to many musical collaborations such as with Steve Beresford on the album "Ointment", and albums with Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith. She performs regularly with the bands Trois Chapeaux and Tender Buttons. Tania's music performances have taken her across the globe from Berlin, London, Tokyo, to San Francisco, New York and beyond.