the wulf.

01.22.2016 8:00 p.m.

VRS, Hutson/Byrnes, Krausbauer/Kendall, and Cameron Shafii


VRS is the project of Los Angeles based performer Ellen Phan. Founded in 2013, VRS focuses primarily on digital audio experimentation as means to generate abstract electronic music. VRS utilizes custom Max/MSP programming, found sound, and other hardware/software to create works that range from quiet and minimal to loud and dense, conveying expression through texture/composition/form. Tonight, she will present a new piece exploring modalities of experimental sound.

Ted Byrnes & William Hutson 

Ted Byrnes and William Hutson will perform an improvisation for percussion and electronics. This will be the pair’s debut as a duo.

Cameron Shaffii

Cameron Shafii is a San Francisco-based composer and computational linguist, practicing generative and systems music. His compositions are inflected by software processing built on recombination and string matching algorithms. His music has been published by Ge-stell and Anòmia. Shafii is currently recording an album in collaboration with Joe Gilmore (Alku, Entr’acte), a multidisciplinary artist, who is based in the north of England. He will be performing a solo sound piece from this collaboration, which transforms brass and string instruments by spectral analysis.

John Krausbauer & David Kendall

“PDRM” is a composition constructed from a “just” tuned, three-string electric guitar with real-time and algorithmic delay and spatialization processing. Slow, spectral tonal movements and a deluge of polyrhythmic beats occur through (de)tunings and altered tempi. A four-channel speaker system is employed to achieve maximum specialization and to activate the psychoacoustic potentials in the sonic variants.