the wulf.

12.13.2015 8:00 p.m.

Liminar Marathon

Liminar, the Mexico City based new music ensemble presents an evening of contemporary music across a wide spectrum, ranging from german avantgarde composer Helmut Lachenmann, who just turned 80, to open scores by the likes of trumpet player Axel Doerner and Liminar’s flutist Wilfrido Terrazas. Also featured are two of Mexico’s most influential living composers, Hilda Paredes and Ignacio Baca Lobera, both born in 1957.

3 sets
8pm    solos w/electronics
9pm    chamber music
10pm     ensemble music

8pm: solos with electronics
Eihie-ji for recorders and electronics 8’ - Hilda Paredes (México, 1957)
ad:am:an:ti:ne for voice and computer - Juan S. Lach (México, 1970)
Until for electric guitar and electronics - Clarence Barlow (India, 1945)
Laja del tiempo for solo violin - Samuel Cedillo

9pm: chamber music

Duo for flute and guitar - Ignacio Baca Lobera (Mexico, 1957)
Dal Niente for solo clarinet - Helmut Lachenmann (Germany, 1935)
Gran Torso
for String Quartet - Helmut Lachenmann (Germany, 1935)

10pm: open scores/large ensemble
Niesicht for ensemble - Axel Dörner (Germany, 1964)
Caminos for three or more musicians - Iván Naranjo (Mexico, 1977)
Retrato de Walter Lärmer for variable ensemble - Wilfrido Terrazas (México, 1974)

Carmina Escobar, voice
Wilfrido Terrazas, flutes
Mónica López Lau, recorders and paetzold flute
Antonio Rosales, clarinet and bass clarinet
Omar López, saxophones
José Manuel Alcántara, guitar
Pedro Salvador, Carrillo harp/percussion
Julián Martínez, violin
Carlo Prieto, violin
Alexander Bruck, viola/violin
Jorge Amador, cello
Jonnathan Méndez, double bass
Carlos Iturralde, electronics
Juan Sebastián Lach, electronics

This performance is made possible by funding from The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts and REDCAT.