the wulf.

09.26.2015 8:00 p.m.

Christian Michael Filardo & Angelo Harmsworth

Christian Michael Filardo - Justice
Composed through unwavering analog generator systems, these works have mathematical precision and concrete rigidity. By inputting miscellaneous data into his equations, Filardo offers his renderings as obvious truths. Without lingering, he leaves with a wink.
"A gavel has no eyes"
This record presents four archival recordings that can be returned to for confirmation and clarity.
Angelo Harmsworth - Cerrillos Disco
Harmsworth presents a set of undemanding impressions through five sublime episodes. Cerrillos Disco is a record removed from the cryptic and the confused. Capturing empty expanse and ancient space, the recordings embrace a tangible romanticism. This work exists with conclusive weight and sincerity. A feverish glimmer in a sterilized landscape. Distilled tonality frames a relentless proposal.