the wulf.

07.26.2015 5:00 p.m.

collages & flows

a convivial, evening long framework

FIVE COLLAGES (1984-89) 4-track tapemixes by Elaine Barkin
Assembled (with interactive & reactive energies and outputs of others, hence not “composed”) & Composed (with no pussyfooting around about who’s doing the talking) comprising : textmusicvoicesound soliloquy meditations on eruptive internal & external shifts of focus & purpose; and assemblaged resonances of collaboration work done in intimate environments, work whose conception & realization scrap the requirements of public display, idiosyncratic soundworlds arising out of in&at-the-time interpersonal experience. (EB)

FLOW CHART (2015) 9 audio cassettes by Mark So
recorded fields traversing a single reading of “Flow Chart” by John Ashbery