the wulf.

07.14.2015 8:00 p.m.

Gabi Strong, Peter Kolovos/Corey Fogel, Rachel Shearer

has been an integral player in New Zealand's adventurous and vibrant music and arts community. She has been a member of groups such as Angelhead and Queen Meanie Puss as well as solo under her own name or her Lovely Midget project She has released records via such pivotal labels as Xpressway, Siltbreeze, Ecstatic Peace!, Corpus Hermeticum, Family Vinyard and more. Shearer has also developed a public sound art installation practice with a number of long term installation works dotted around Auckland, and continues to perform live under her own name.

First ever live collaboration between Fogel on drums/percussion and Peter Kolovos on electric guitar- long time L.A. people coming together- live and free...

is a California based artist and designer exploring spaces of degeneration, drone and decay as a means to improvise new arrangements of self-reflexive meaning. To explore the arena between exteriority and interiority, she uses sound performance, radio broadcasting, sculpture, photography and video as a mediums for experimentation. In looking for the differential, Strong invokes noise to summon the invisible. Strong is currently exploring themes of spatial decay through her KCHUNG Radio program Crystalline Morphologies.