the wulf.

03.07.2015 8:00 p.m.

Ora Clementi

Ora Clementi is the duo of Canadian sound artist crys cole and Australian composer-performer James Rushfordcole is known for her solo work in live performance and sound installations as well as innumerable improvised collaborations with artists that includes Oren Ambarchi, Keith Rowe, Tim Olive,Tetuzi Akiyama, Lance Austin Olsen, Jamie Drouin and Mathieu RuhlmannRushford has an established career as a composer of contemporary classical music, as well as various projects with Joe Talia, Oren Ambarchi, Klaus Lang, Jon Rose, Michael Pisaro, Graham Lambkin and Iancu Dumitrescu.

Ora Clementi is a unique investigation of liminal performance states in an interpersonal context, often focusing on text and speech as preconscious thought processes. Central to cole and Rushford's 
duo are questions surrounding interpretation, the function of memory, semiotics, and the syntactical discipline of sound within both listener and performer. Utilizing various musical approaches in unorthodox and disorienting ways, their work often incorporates organ/piano, field recordings, electronics, contact mics, flutes, ocarinas and percussive tools. Using movement and both amplified and acoustic sound, they play with sonic perception and seek to create a dreamlike context hovering between musical moments and pure abstraction.