the wulf.

02.14.2015 8:00 p.m.

Lisa Truttmann and Guido Spannocchi - Elsewhere Lands

Elsewhere Lands is a multi-layered media project about theme parks and their audio-visual abstractions. On a road trip in 2013 Lisa Truttmann and Guido Spannocchi researched and visited many parks, interviewed workers and visitors, took notes and thought about the places, their (hi)stories, tales, myths, memories and futures, accumulating a collection of audio-visual material. What was planned as a film project turned into a far more abstracted media art installation with documentary and essayistic elements. In August 2014 Truttmann and Spannocchi converted an old granary in Austria into an exhibition space to present 13 photo collages, a media installation, and a video projection of the interviews. The wulf. has now given the artists the opportunity present their project, give insight into their audio-visual archive, and screen excerpts of the interviews.

Visual: by Lisa Truttmann,
Audio: by Guido Spannocchi,
Special thanks to the interviewees and supporters while traveling
Supported by BKA and the Piatti family