the wulf.

12.31.2014 8:00 p.m.

the wulf. 2014 fundraiser

we raised $4065!

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Dear the wulf. community,

Last summer we raised $8,700. The donations kept the wulf. going for the past season which included several special efforts and exciting accomplishments. the wulf. records released its first LP Rounds and we initiated a curatorial residency in which a young artist was invited to participate in and learn about running the organization. Also, if you have not perused our website in a while, you will find that almost all the audio documentation of the 250+ events we have organized is now streamable. Please help us continue.

This fall, we are fundraising to continue working towards long-term sustainability. Our goal is $10,000. The most helpful way to donate is through a monthly subscription. You can subscribe above or at One of our fundraising goals is to reach $400 in monthly subscriptions.

All events hosted by the wulf. will remain free. In our six years of operation, the wulf. has become well known as a home for the radical. the wulf. is a unique and necessary fixture within the arts community of Los Angeles and abroad. On top of being an important force in the global new music scene, the wulf. has also become an experiment in community and alternative economies, where the hierarchical is subverted in favor of the democratic; superficially ad-hoc, yet deeply invested in providing the perfect setting and situation to promote new art of the highest quality. We feel confident that this model, which has resulted in over 250 performances in 6 years, will continue to lead to the performance of great music and the innovation it entails by virtue of its openness.

Our email list is almost 800 strong, and our Facebook page has 1700+ likes. If everyone on the list donates $10 to $20, we can reach our goal of $10,000 or more very fast. Or if you are feeling generous, perhaps we can nip this in the bud quickly. We dislike asking for money, but it is necessary. And… once we meet our goal, we are throwing a party.


the wulf.

Please share this email and our online calls for donations:

Artists who presented or had pieces presented in the wulf. this past season:

Casey Anderson, Carl Andre, Raphael Arar, Kevin Austin, Dicky Bahto, Georgia Bell, Bob Bellerue, Ashley Bellouin, Karl Berger, Luciano Berio, Antoine Beuger, Dante Boon, Jonathan Borges, Ben Bracken, Tim Brady, Guy Brookshire, Madison Brookshire, Ted Byrnes, John Cage, Archie Carey, Joshua Carro, Scott Cazan, Ross Chait, Clay Chaplin, Carolyn Chen, Andrew Choate, Yiannis Christofides, Eric KM Clark, Daniel Corral, Nicholas Deyoe, Adam Dippre, Jack Doutt, John Eagle, Dan Eaton, John Encarnacao, Nomi Epstein, Carmina Escobar, Bryan Eubanks, Nat Evans, Patrick Farmer, Tim Feeney, Michael Finnissy, Corey Fogel, Paul Fraser, Jürg Frey, Josh Gerowitz, Morgan Gerstmar, Sarah Glaz, Chuck Gloria, Michael Gordon, Erik Griswold, Joanne Growney, April Guthrie, Joseph Hammer, Lou Harrison, John Hastings, Jen Hofer, Robert Holliday, Lloyd Honeybrook, Toshio Hosokawa, Sarah hughes, David Hughes, William Hutson, Matt Ingalls, Tom Johnson, Bonnie Jones, Tyler Jordan, Lewis Keller, David Kendall, Christian Kesten, Wyatt Keusch, James Klopfleisch, Guy Klucevsek, David Koblitz, Ulrich Krieger, Joe Kudirka, Max Kutner, Emily Lacy, Cat Lamb, Niels Latomme, Robert Lax, Ingrid Lee, Todd Lerew, Ben Levinson, Heather Lockie, Annea Lockwood, Alvin Lucier, Elisa Lutyens, Walter Marchetti, Mari, Consuelo Marie, Max Markowitz, Joshua Marshall, Andrew McIntosh, Liam Mooney, Jorge Moreno, Lisel Mueller, Ron Nagorcka, Andrea Neumann, Brenna Noonan, Pauline Oliveros, Bob Ostertag, Matador Oven, Ryan Page, David Paha, Gray Palmer, Tim Parkinson, Brian Parks, Daniel Pearce, Tommy Pederson, Scott Perry, Michael Pisaro, Larry Polansky, Vincent Raikhel, Teddy Rankin-Parker, Steven Relefore, Adrian Rew, Aidan Reynolds, Derek Rogers, Dean Rosenthal, Jake Rosenzweig, Marcus Rubio, Conal Ryan, Carl Sandburg, James Saunders, Gary Schultz, Gerhard Schultz, Christoffer Schunk, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Sepand Shahab, Taku Sigumoto, Stephanie Smith, Mark So, Laura Steenberge, Drew Straus, Taylan Susam, Leo Svirsky, James Tenney, Three Thirds, Molly Thompson, Suzanne Thorpe, Stephen Touchton, Ken Ueno, Julian Valdivieso, Floris Vanhoof, Lucie Vítková, Tashi Wada, Colin Wambsgans, Pierce Warnecke, Andrew Weathers, John Weise, Jacob Wick, Michael Winter, Christian Wolff, Danny Wood, Ben Wright, Jack Wright, Andrew Young, Guy Zimmerman, John Zorn, Coleman Zurkowski