the wulf.

05.04.2014 8:00 p.m.

Scott Perry and Casey Anderson

Continuum Music at the wulf.:  

A single impulse of sound repeated in a periodic manner is heard as a pulse if it occurs less than 15-20 times per second. Conversely if the impulse occurs more than 15-20 times per second it is perceived as a tone. This phenomenon is known as the rhythm-pitch continuum. Additionally if you have a rhythm which is below the threshold of tone and speed it up to the "audio rate" it becomes a type of harmony or timbre.

On the evening of May the 4th Scott Perry will presents a number of works composed for playback over loudspeakers which take the rhythm-pitch continuum as a working basis for composition. Various bodily clicks, snaps and pops along with recordings of short clacks and ticks from objects found in and around his studio desk were subjected to recording and editing in order to create unique harmonies, timbres and melodies which are tuned to 11 limit just intonation.

Casey Anderson will present a new and untitled live electronics piece.