the wulf.

01.17.2014 8:00 p.m.

New Films, New Videos, New Surprises

films and videos by Ryan Betschart, Sofia Canales, Andrew Kim, Ekkaphob (Keng) Sumsiripong, and Walter Vargas.


Title: Distant Meadows
Artist(s): Ryan Betschart, Tyler Betschart
Synopsis: Distant Meadows is a lo fi experimental motion picture concentrating on the instability of the present and a longing for people and places of the past. A frog puppet and his family act as a catalyst into a dream like memory space and it’s subsequent vacancy. Different recording mediums and repetition through picture and sound are used to reinforce the idea of memories as shifting logic terrain.
Length: 17 minutes.

Title: Mujer
Artist: Sofia Canales
Synopsis: Three Latina women of different generations take pleasure in helping each other bathe, dress up, and cook a meal for themselves.
Length: 10 minutes

Title: You Look Like Your Drawing
2013 / 20 min / HD Video / Color / Sound
Artist: Ekkaphob Sumsiripong
Synopsis: I was making a portrait of a man making a portrait of another man making a portrait of himself.
Length: 20 minutes

full details to be announced at the screening.