the wulf.

11.23.2013 8:00 p.m.

Todd Lerew & Conal Ryan present new meditations on the substance of sound.

theatre of echo (Ryan)
for two acoustic guitars
performed by David Paha and Conal Ryan

circular (Ryan)
for five sustaining instruments and percussion
performed by Jenica Anderson, Steven Feiler, Christopher Foss, Ben Levinson, David Paha, Evan Spacht, and Andy Young

polyrhythms induced by drumming at speeds in excess of 180,000 beats per minute (Lerew)
for self-resonating piezos and objects
performers: Conal Ryan, Aidan Reynolds, and Todd Lerew

interval for bass (Lerew)
performed by James Klopfleisch

radial quiet in weightless noise (Lerew)
for sustaining instruments and high intensity white noise
performered by Casey Anderson, Stephanie Smith, John Eagle, James Klopfleisch, Christine Tavolacci, and Evan Spacht

Todd Lerew is a Los Angeles-based composer and instrument inventor whose work deals with the physical properties of sound and the nature of perception, exploring the use of sound as a plastic medium, and revisiting our understanding of what sound is and how it operates.

Conal Ryan is an Irish composer and architect. His works explore sound under morphic conditions, the constraints of which typically transpire during performance.