the wulf.

11.01.2013 8:00 p.m.

Tim Feeney, Matt Ingalls, and Ken Ueno present...

Tim Feeney has performed as an improviser with musicians including cellist/electronic musician Vic Rawlings, the percussion trio Meridian, with Nick Hennies and Greg Stuart, pianist Annie Lewandowski, tape-deck manipulator Howard Stelzer, trumpeter Nate Wooley, sound artists Jed Speare and Ernst Karel, saxophonist Jack Wright, and the trio ONDA. He has performed at experimental venues such as the Red Room in Baltimore, Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art, Firehouse 12 in New Haven, Connecticut, the Knitting Factory New York, and John Zorn’s space The Stone, as well as the Center for New Music and Audio Technology at UC-Berkeley, the Stanford Art Museum, the Berkeley Art Museum, and Princeton University.He has recorded for the Weighter, Accidie, Full Spectrum, Sedimental, homophoni, New World, Soul on Rice, Audiobot, and Brassland labels.

Ken Ueno is a composer, vocalist, improviser, and cross-disciplinary artist. His music coalesces diverse influences into a democratic sonic landscape. In addition to Heavy Metal sub-tone singing and Tuvan throat singing, he is also informed by European avant-garde instrumental techniques, American experimentalism, and sawari or beautiful noise, an aesthetic in traditional Japanese music. As a vocalist, Ken specializes in extended techniques (overtones, throat-singing, multiphonics, extreme registers, circular singing), and has collaborated in improvisations with Joey Baron, Robyn Schulkowsky, Joan Jeanrenaud, Ikue Mori, Pascal Contet, GeneColeman, Tyshawn Sorey, David Wessel, Robin Hayward, John Kelly, Jorrit Dykstra, Kevork Mourad, Gilberto Bernardes, Hans Tutschku, James Coleman, and Vic Rawlings amongst others. Ken’s ongoing performance projects include collaborations with Tim Feeney, Matt Ingalls, Du Yun, and Lou Bunk.

Reviled for his "shapeless sonic tinkering" by the Los Angeles Times, Oakland musician Matt Ingalls is a composer, clarinetist, concert producer, and computer music programmer. Ingalls is most active as a clarinetist, specializing in contemporary and experimental music. He is a prominent figure in the San Francisco Bay Area Improv Scene, and is known for his "composerly" solo improvisations that explore extended techniques on his instrument that interact with the acoustic space, often as combination tones. Ingalls has worked with a diverse range of composers such as Mark Applebaum, Anthony Braxton, John Butcher, Helmut Lachenmann, George Lewis, Miya Masaoka, Meredith Monk, Hyo-shin Na, Pauline Oliveros, Stefano Scodanibbio, Chinary Ung, and numerous Bay Area composers.

Ingalls is the founder and co-director of sfSound, a new music series, ensemble, and internet radio station devoted to new ideas and traditions of experimental music, performance art, live electronic music, Bay Area composition, and the various facets of contemporary improvisation. sfSound produces an average of ten concerts a year, mostly taking place at the ODC Theater in the Mission District of San Francisco. In 2008, sfSound received an "ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming" from Chamber Music America. sfSound is the umbrella organization of the San Francisco Tape Music Collective/Festival.

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