the wulf.

10.27.2013 8:00 p.m.

Broken Signals - An Evening of (Mostly) Local Noise in Downtown LA

Idiopathic Records and the wulf. present an evening of noise music featuring Joseph Hammer, Coward, Ross Wallace Chait, and Adrian Rew.

Joseph Hammer has actively created experimental works since 1980 as a member of the LAFMS collective. His practice draws on the complexities of the process of listening and playing, reflecting on the role of the audience versus the performer, and uses music as it influences our notion of time, memory and intimacy as the basis for improvisation and abstraction. In various collaborations, solo, and as a founding member of the trio Solid Eye along with several other projects (Joe & Joe, Dinosaurs With Horns, Dimmer, Points of Friction), Hammer has performed widely and is an influential contributor to the Los Angeles underground scene. - SFEMF

Coward is noise music duo formed in LA during the summer of 2013. With broken guitars, gather objects and percussive waste, the duo performs loose, industrially-influenced compositions while elsewhere writhing in the purity of improvisational chaos. Coward is Kiran Arora and Ross Wallace Chait and their premiere CDr release Dragged On Asphalt is out now on Holy Cheever Church Records, with a cassette due on the band's own Idiopathic Records in October.

Ross Wallace Chait is a musician, composer and co-founder of Idiopathic Records based in LA. As a solo artist, his collections gather the ephemera or rural life and cityscapes into throbbing, processed installations of field recording and live performance with a guitar, voice and broken percussion instruments. With other projects, he's put out music in Pidgen, ILSE, Holy Cheever Church and Welcome to the 21st Media. His premiere, full-length solo release Routine Symptoms comes out this fall on Amok Recordings.

Adrian Rew (Chicago, IL) is a sound artist presenting his field recordings of casino slot-zones' endorphin sonics. He also runs Ergot Records and has performed in Jeph Jerman's Animist Orchestra.