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10.01.2013 12:00 a.m.

the wulf. 2013 fundraiser

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We Reached Our Minimum Goal!!! But You Can Still Donate Through Hatchfund Till the End of October!!!

This summer, we are fundraising to achieve long-term sustainability. Our goal is $10,000. These funds will be used to start sustainable initiatives solicited from the community. Proposals have included a curatorial residency; using the wulf. partially as a co-working space; and initiating workshops, classes and lectures. Ultimately, we hope to provide a space and environment used strictly for the arts.

For the first time, we are doing a crowd-sourced funding campaign with a minimum goal of $8,000. We have chosen USA Projects because they have matching opportunities and are dedicated strictly to the arts. Some of the incentives for the campaign include books from Frog Peak, copies of the wulf. records first release, and scores and drawings from members of the wulf. community. We are also working with some generous donors to potentially set up matching funds programs as part of our efforts. Visit our project page at:

After donating, please consider becoming a subscribing member. You can subscribe at We hope to reach $400 in monthly subscriptions. As an incentive subscribers of $10 or more will receive a quarterly newsletter which will include texts and artifacts from the artists who present here.

All events hosted by the wulf. will remain free. In our five years of operation, the wulf. has become well known as a home for the radical. There is no other organization or place like it in Los Angeles. What we have presented thus far would not have been possible without the help of our incredible community: the artists who continue to present their work, the wonderful attendees, and those who have generously donated.

Our email list is almost 800 strong, and our Facebook page has 800+ likes. If everyone on the list donates $10 to $20, we can easily reach our goal of $10,000 or more. If you are feeling generous, we can nip this in the bud quickly. We really dislike asking for money, but it is currently a necessary evil. And… towards the end of our fundraiser, we are throwing a party.

the wulf.

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