the wulf.

06.29.2013 8:00 p.m.

Ingrid Lee presents... (2013_06_29)

Still Lives (1995) Alvin Lucier
Morrow Lake (2013) D. Edward Davis
Bead, Spit (2013) Ingrid Lee
Another (2012) Ingrid Lee

Performed by: Tony Gennaro, percussion; Andrew Young, guitar; Mona Tian, violin; Andy Studer, violin; Natalie Fender Brejcha, Viola; Jake Rosenzweig, Bass; Ingrid Lee, Piano; Betsy Rettig, Cello.

Still Lives (1995) Still Lives consists of 8 short pieces in which a pianist plays tones against slowly sweeping sine waves, programmed to draw shapes of things seen by the composer in his home, including a sunlight diamond, hammock, barbecue grill, lamp shade, floor tiles, ferns, bread knife with a serrated edge, and a pair of chop sticks. As the sine waves rise and fall the pianist times the tones so that they produce audible beats of differing patterns against the moving waves. Ingrid Lee - piano

Morrow Lake (2013) - morrow lake was written in the spring of 2013. It is written for two performers — a pianist and an assistant who alters the sound of the piano in different ways. The piece focuses on subtle changes, fine distinctions between similar sounds, and the evolving relationship between an original and its copy.  Ingrid Lee - piano; Tony Gennaro, assistant.

Another (2012) - The premise of this piece revolves around ideas of nature, normalcy, simulation, construction, and the interchangeability of these facts, concepts, and myths. Another takes the idea of dominant standards and systems; systems that are fabricated and are therefore also capable of shifting and morphing; or systems justified by nature and usually considered unalterable. Another uses the overtone series and the standard tuning reference of A4 = 440 hz(as establish ed in 1955 by the International Organization for Standards) and shifts between other systems to consider new and different standards while playing with the interchangeability of nature and simulation. Andy Studer, violin; Mona Tian, violin; Natalie Brejcha, viola; Betsy Rettig, cello; Jake Rosenzweig, contrabass