the wulf.

03.10.2013 7:00 p.m.

Experimental Music Yearbook presents...

Ripe for Embarrassment: For a New Musical Masochism [a lecture] 
Tomb of the Unknown Composer [a brief concert]

featuring Matador Oven, Adam Overton, and possibly others soon to be announced...

Ripe for Embarrassment: For a New Musical Masochism is a manifesto—written by Matador Oven, translated by Adam Overton—proposing a new paradigm in composer/performer relations, wherein the composer is a masochist who uses score-based Cageian indeterminacy in hopes of being humiliated by a willing performer. It was published in February 2013 as part of the Experimental Music Yearbook 2012, and was first delivered as a lecture at Kristi Engle Gallery in January 2012.

Keywords: masochism, scores, work to rule, malicious compliance, consenting adults

Find the full lecture online:

Tomb of the Unknown Composer, by Adam Overton (and cited in Matador Oven's Ripe for Embarrassment) is concert featuring performances of re-named and mis-attributed scores. Unknown titles and composers are soon to be determined, and may feature a number of performers, also soon to be determined.