the wulf.

02.20.2013 8:00 p.m.

Tom Johnson and Friends

!!!! We have moved Tom Johnson's drawings (which were at Art Share L.A.) to the wulf.. We are excited that they will be here for the remaining events of Tom's Johnson's residency. !!!!

Andrew McIntosh:
Another Secular Calvinist Creed
performed by Ashley Walters – cello

Brian Parks:
all the trichords in a seven letter alphabet where order matter and no voice sounds the same note consecutively 
terminal positions for ballet dancer
lely tiling of hymnal text 
performed by Stephanie Aston, Argenta Walther, Meghann Welsh – voices; Tarren Johnson – dancer; and all as a group sing; respectively

Michael Winter:
economy study in one dimension and/or glass economies
performed by Brian Parks – piano

Tom Johnson:
Falling Thirds and Drum
performed by Brian Parks – piano and drum

Tom Johnson Residency
Numbers are a part of nature. Looking at them, thinking about them, and observing the ways they intertwine in combinations and permutations reveal much about how the world is made. In his remaining lecture (02.22.2013 10 am @ CalArts), Tom will discuss his musical community and how logic and mathematical models function in his art. Drawing networks of numbers often leads him to unique visual forms and in many cases these forms become musical pieces. These events and the drawings now at the wulf. show the breadth of Tom’s work from concept to consideration to percept, from numbers to visuals to sound.

Tom Johnson (b. 1939) is a minimalist composer who works with simple forms and limited sonic materials, utilizing logic and mathematical models in both his music and his drawings. He is particularly well known for his operas; The Four Note Opera (1972) and Riemannoper (1988) have both been staged dozens of times. Often-performed non-operatic works include Bedtime StoriesRational MelodiesMusic and Questions, Counting DuetsTangoNarayana's Cows, and Failing: a very difficult piece for solo string bass. The former student of Morton Feldman also wrote about contemporary composition for the Village Voice (1972–1982). Johnson has been living in Paris since 1983.