the wulf.

12.13.2012 7:00 p.m.


the wulf. @ ArtShare

801 East 4th Place
Los Angeles CA 90013

For three years running, the wulf. has been participating in the Los Angeles Winterfest, which celebrates arts in downtown Los Angeles. This year we have been given a night exclusively to present work at ArtShare.

Casey Anderson - valley - an installation for radios
Michael Winter - quieting rooms - an installation for self-quieting room

audience participation (of sorts...) 
Scott Cazan - Ear Swap - participants trade auditory environments and listen to the sonic space of another. this piece is roaming, no set location.
Aidan Reynolds - whistling piece for audience - for each exhale, whistle for the duration of no more than a second. try to keep your pitch consistent.
Liam Mooney - floortet - for metal objects dropped on the floor

live performances
Todd Lerew - 30 Notes for Drum - performed by the composer
James Klopfleisch - 326 Breaths - performed by Christine Tavolacci
Cornelius Cardew - Triad from Schooltime Compositions - performed by Matt Barbier, Eric KM Clark and Christine Tavolacci
Corey Fogel - performing various percussion elements  
Liam Mooney - 180° - performers tba
Matt Barbier - for Lee
Colin Wambsgans - Good Night Noises, Everywhere
Andrew Tholl - music for sleeping
(last three works commissioned and performed by Colin Wambsgans)

exact schedule tba