the wulf.

09.07.2012 8:00 p.m.

Dog Star 8: Sign/Symbol/Sound(s)

For Anne LeBaron - with Eric KM Clark, Orin Hildestad, Stephanie Smith, and Matt Barbier. For one trombone and three violins, For Anne LeBaron compresses the melody from the jazz standard 'nature boy' into a series of occasional chords interspersed with atmospheric "ghost notes" from the violins. The piece draws its inspiration from a conversation with LeBaron addressing the question: "Can a single melody be stretched over an extended period of time, and still be audible as a memory?"

Juniper Foam: performed by Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, and James Klopfleisch. Sound for a portrait of Chris Marker considers the trace contours of an artist whose own near-absence was a continuing thread in both his films and public persona.  By and large, this portrait navigates various collections of audio sampled from films, not of his own making, but of others', lying just beyond his overall body of work.  Section 1, however, unfolds the soundtrack from a watermark in Marker's career, which is the 1982 filmic essay, Sans Soleil.

And finally AlmostEveryNamePieceMarkSoHasEverWritten is an attempt to realize all of So's name pieces, synchronously, quietly, and in a most(ly) private way. Performed (over several weeks) by James Klopfleisch.