the wulf.

10.21.2009 8:00 p.m.

Raven Chacon and Father of the Flood

Composer/performer Raven Chacon and fellow New Mexico musician Father of the Flood each perform solo sets.

Raven Chacon (Southwest U.S.) is a composer of chamber music, singer of Navajo music, and solo noise/drone performer, Raven Chacon has been a presence in various underground music scenes across the Southwest. In addition to his solo work, Chacon performs as a member of KILT (with Bob Bellerue), Cobra//group, Black Guys, Dog Shit Taco, Black Drink (with Tom Hohmann), Death Convention Singers and Mesa Ritual (with William Fowler Collins) as well as spreading the sounds of other desert musicians with his Sicksicksick label. Chacon regularly performs and exhibits his work throughout th e North America and elsewhere.

Father of the Flood is the aural work of New Mexico artist, Daniel Brigman. His pieces are composed with a forensic purpose by documented sounds from our urban environments. Music made from bleak and consuming swells of densely layered soundscapes and imposing drones contrasted with various cold and vacant bowed acoustic instruments/objects, sparse piano movements, and integrated field recordings.