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12.31.2014 8:00 p.m.

the wulf. 2014 fundraiser

we raised $4065!

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the wulf. fundraiser video 
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Dear the wulf. community,

Last summer we raised $8,700. The donations kept the wulf. going for the past season which included several special efforts and exciting accomplishments. the wulf. records released its first LP Rounds and we initiated a curatorial residency in which a young artist was invited to participate in and learn about running the organization. Also, if you have not perused our website in a while, you will find that almost all the audio documentation of the 250+ events we have organized is now streamable. Please help us continue.

This fall, we are fundraising to continue working towards long-term sustainability. Our goal is $10,000. The most helpful way to donate is through a monthly subscription. You can subscribe above or at One of our fundraising goals is to reach $400 in monthly subscriptions.

All events hosted by the wulf. will remain free. In our six years of operation, the wulf. has become well known as a home for the radical. the wulf. is a unique and necessary fixture within the arts community of Los Angeles and abroad. On top of being an important force in the global new music scene, the wulf. has also become an experiment in community and alternative economies, where the hierarchical is subverted in favor of the democratic; superficially ad-hoc, yet deeply invested in providing the perfect setting and situation to promote new art of the highest quality. We feel confident that this model, which has resulted in over 250 performances in 6 years, will continue to lead to the performance of great music and the innovation it entails by virtue of its openness.

Our email list is almost 800 strong, and our Facebook page has 1700+ likes. If everyone on the list donates $10 to $20, we can reach our goal of $10,000 or more very fast. Or if you are feeling generous, perhaps we can nip this in the bud quickly. We dislike asking for money, but it is necessary. And… once we meet our goal, we are throwing a party.


the wulf.

Please share this email and our online calls for donations:

Artists who presented or had pieces presented in the wulf. this past season:

Casey Anderson, Carl Andre, Raphael Arar, Kevin Austin, Dicky Bahto, Georgia Bell, Bob Bellerue, Ashley Bellouin, Karl Berger, Luciano Berio, Antoine Beuger, Dante Boon, Jonathan Borges, Ben Bracken, Tim Brady, Guy Brookshire, Madison Brookshire, Ted Byrnes, John Cage, Archie Carey, Joshua Carro, Scott Cazan, Ross Chait, Clay Chaplin, Carolyn Chen, Andrew Choate, Yiannis Christofides, Eric KM Clark, Daniel Corral, Nicholas Deyoe, Adam Dippre, Jack Doutt, John Eagle, Dan Eaton, John Encarnacao, Nomi Epstein, Carmina Escobar, Bryan Eubanks, Nat Evans, Patrick Farmer, Tim Feeney, Michael Finnissy, Corey Fogel, Paul Fraser, Jürg Frey, Josh Gerowitz, Morgan Gerstmar, Sarah Glaz, Chuck Gloria, Michael Gordon, Erik Griswold, Joanne Growney, April Guthrie, Joseph Hammer, Lou Harrison, John Hastings, Jen Hofer, Robert Holliday, Lloyd Honeybrook, Toshio Hosokawa, Sarah hughes, David Hughes, William Hutson, Matt Ingalls, Tom Johnson, Bonnie Jones, Tyler Jordan, Lewis Keller, David Kendall, Christian Kesten, Wyatt Keusch, James Klopfleisch, Guy Klucevsek, David Koblitz, Ulrich Krieger, Joe Kudirka, Max Kutner, Emily Lacy, Cat Lamb, Niels Latomme, Robert Lax, Ingrid Lee, Todd Lerew, Ben Levinson, Heather Lockie, Annea Lockwood, Alvin Lucier, Elisa Lutyens, Walter Marchetti, Mari, Consuelo Marie, Max Markowitz, Joshua Marshall, Andrew McIntosh, Liam Mooney, Jorge Moreno, Lisel Mueller, Ron Nagorcka, Andrea Neumann, Brenna Noonan, Pauline Oliveros, Bob Ostertag, Matador Oven, Ryan Page, David Paha, Gray Palmer, Tim Parkinson, Brian Parks, Daniel Pearce, Tommy Pederson, Scott Perry, Michael Pisaro, Larry Polansky, Vincent Raikhel, Teddy Rankin-Parker, Steven Relefore, Adrian Rew, Aidan Reynolds, Derek Rogers, Dean Rosenthal, Jake Rosenzweig, Marcus Rubio, Conal Ryan, Carl Sandburg, James Saunders, Gary Schultz, Gerhard Schultz, Christoffer Schunk, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Sepand Shahab, Taku Sigumoto, Stephanie Smith, Mark So, Laura Steenberge, Drew Straus, Taylan Susam, Leo Svirsky, James Tenney, Three Thirds, Molly Thompson, Suzanne Thorpe, Stephen Touchton, Ken Ueno, Julian Valdivieso, Floris Vanhoof, Lucie Vítková, Tashi Wada, Colin Wambsgans, Pierce Warnecke, Andrew Weathers, John Weise, Jacob Wick, Michael Winter, Christian Wolff, Danny Wood, Ben Wright, Jack Wright, Andrew Young, Guy Zimmerman, John Zorn, Coleman Zurkowski

12.18.2014 7:00 p.m.

the wulf. Holiday-ish Party / Fundraiser

As part of our on-going fundraiser, we're having a holiday-ish party with food, drinks, and performances. Whether you're an occasional attendee or a regular concert-producer, come stop by on Dec. 18 7pm–10pm and celebrate the year's end with us.

Featuring work by Casey Anderson, Todd Lerew, Colin Wambsgans, James Klopfleisch, Liam Mooney, and rousing renditions of seasonally relevant rounds. Please come eat, drink, and be merry with us as we celebrate the wulf. and raise money to support its future.

12.12.2014 8:00 p.m.

Marcus Rubio

Marcus will be performing with a small touring ensemble featuring Texas musicians Dane Rousay and Erik Montano on guitar(s)/viola/percussion/electronics. The group will present three compositions that explore proportionality between noise and pitch. There will be two short compositions that respectively examine feedback/harmony and noise and one longer compositions that gradually transitions from white noise to song like melody/form. The latter piece will feature several Los Angeles performers as well.

  • 11.22.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Free Reed Conspiracy

    Free Reed Conspiracy is an experimental accordion ensemble led by Daniel Corral. They will perform pieces by Ulrich Krieger, Guy Klucevsek, James Tenney, and Daniel Corral.

  • 11.16.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Caracol Carnívoro || Corey Fogel || Andrew Young

    Caracol Carnívoro makes nightmare music on acoustic instruments. Both natives of Los Angeles, Martín Escalante (sax) and Oliver Steinberg (bass) met online through a craig's list want ad. Martín has lived most of his life in Guanajuato, Mexico, working on film and photography jobs, while Oliver lives and works as a musician in LA, this duo is their outlet for cathartic, ritualistic, improvised noise rooted in free jazz.

    Corey Fogel (b. 1977) is a drummer and performance artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Corey performs and composes in many rock, jazz, noise, folk, and chamber music capacities. His solo work as a composer and performance artist is based around spontaneous encounters with sounds, objects, personalities, textiles, foods, spanning video, dance, and installation. In addition to touring and recording nationally and abroad, Corey has been a member of groups: Julia Holter, Missincinatti, The Mae Shi, Gowns, Cryptacize, Barbez, Monstro, The Curtains, Learning Music, Nowcloud, Dominique Leone, 18 Squared. Corey has presented his own work with Machine Project, LACMA, Human Resources, The Wulf, The Hammer Museum, and REDCAT. He was recently awarded The California Community Foundation 2014 Fellowship in Visual Arts, and was in Residence at Koktebel I:O in Turkey.

    andrew  young is an american composer, improviser, collaborator, performer, and digital artist from rhode island. his compositional style ranges from sparse quiet music to searing harsh noise. these compositions principally employ pitchless structures that are generated from audio processing, glitched audio, field recordings, and instrumental noise. his music focuses on experimentation, chaos theory, flocking patterns, feedback, algorithmic music (in the form of automated musical systems), radical politics, non-idiomatic instrumental techniques, auditory phenomenon, and digital technology. andrew recieved his BFA in music composition at the california institute of the arts where he studied with michael pisaro, wolfgang von schweinitz, mark trayle, and sara roberts.

    • phase study (ultra)

      by Andrew Young
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Corey Fogel

      by Corey Fogel
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Caracol Carnívoro

      by Caracol Carnívoro
    • --listen--

  • 11.08.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Daykah and J&M

    Martha's Vineyard based duo Daykah (Dean and Karin Rosenthal) perform new works, including Section VIII of the 3-hour piece Combinations. Joining them are Los Angeles based J&M (James Klopfleisch and Morgan Gerstmar), who will present new works for bowed milk carton and saw, as well as confetti scissors and that static thing that happens when you touch your finger to the end of an instrument cable that is plugged into an amplifier.

  • 10.15.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Craig Shepard presents...

    Craig Shepard (trombone, kalimba, bottles) presents music from ON FOOT: BROOKLYN. From February 21 to May 21, 2012, he got everywhere he went on foot. Each week, he composed a new piece of music and wrote it down. Every Sunday, he led a silent, cell-phone free walk to a different location in Brooklyn and performed the new piece in an outdoor public space. Compositions were named for the date and location of the first performance.

    On Foot: Brooklyn has been featured at Presents Gallery Brooklyn, the Kunstraum Düsseldorf, Spectrum NYC, WORD Books Brooklyn, Cornell University, Middlebury College, and in Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Class at RPI.

    A CD featuring music from the project was released in August on Edition Wandelweiser Records, distributed by erstwhile in the USA.

    Craig Shepard is member of the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble. He has realized a 250-mile walking tour across Switzerland, a 21-day live-installation at a Zurich commuter hub, and a one-hour live installation of 18 trumpets on the shores of Lake Zurich. His work has been performed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Experimental Intermedia New York, the Akademie der Künste Berlin, Kunstraum Düsseldorf, among others. His teachers include Frank Crisafulli (trombone), Ulrich Eichenberger (sacbut), Corrado Bossard (trumpet), as well as Amnon Wolman, Alan Stout, and Michael Pisaro (composition). His work has been published by Edition Howeg, the Schweizerische Musikzeitung, Antennae and Edition Wandelweiser. He lives in Brooklyn.

    • Piece Unknown :: Craig Shepard

      by Craig Shepard
    • --listen--

    • Coney Island

      by Craig Shepard
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Craig Shepard

      by Craig Shepard
    • --listen--

  • 09.13.2014 4:00 p.m.

    the wulf. plays the LA river

    the wulf. @ PLAY THE LA RIVER

    address: Marsh Park | 2999 Rosanna Street, LA 90039

    the wulf. has been invited to participate in the Play the LA River launch event in conjunction with the Frogtown Artwalk. Between 4 and 7 pm, there will be performances by Stephanie Cheng Smith, Michael Winter, Liam Mooney, Andrew Young, and Corey Fogel.

    Join Project 51 at the annual Frogtown Artwalk as we unveil the free Play the LA River card deck, a game of urban exploration that presents 56 unique places to play on a river running through the heart of LA & 17 other cities! This public launch will showcase performances, art, games, hands-on nature play & more. It will preview the events you can look forward to, share in & plan yourself in the coming 51 weeks.

    for more information about this event visit <>

    09.04.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Elliot Simpson presents...

    Music on the just intonation National Reso-Phonic guitar designed by Lou Harrison, with and without voice and electronics. Works by Walter Zimmermann, David B. Doty, Larry Polansky, Ezequiel Menalled, and Horatiu Radulescu.

  • 08.03.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Liam Mooney presents...

    A balloon is a flexible bag that can be inflated with a gas. Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic material composed of glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix. Music is some kind of thing having to do with sound.

    Please join us for the final event of the season at the wulf..

    • Companion Piece 3

      by Daniel Pearce by Teddy Rankin-Parker
    • --listen--

    • Companion Piece 4

      by Daniel Pearce by Teddy Rankin-Parker
    • --listen--

  • 07.01.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Yiannis Christofides presents...

     A programme of newly composed works exploring the interrelation of sound and place.

    Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Yiannis Christofides is a composer, sound artist and sound designer. Much of his work revolves around the investigation of our experience of place, through the use of field recordings as principal material. His interest in field recording lies in the contextual aspects of sound, and the trans-sensory experience that it affords, thus it often extends beyond the auditory, in order to take into consideration the interdependences and interactions between different sensory faculties, the multitude of subjective interpretations, memories, and personal narratives associated with a particular soundfield, and its social and political context.

  • 06.09.2014 7:00 p.m.

    Dogstar 10: It's just A number...

    The Fabulous Stars of 426 will be presenting their new work. All the pieces are based on the divine numbers, "5" and "0".
    Performer/Composers include: Andy Young, Aidan Reynolds, Ben Levinson, Casey Anderson, Coleman Zurkowski, Chuck Gloria, Drew Straus, Evan Spacht, Ingrid Lee, James Klopfleisch, Jack Doutt, Liam Mooney, Marcus Rubio, Morgan Gerstmar, Scott Cazan, Stephanie Smith, Paul Fraser, Robert Holliday, Todd Lerew, Samantha Hopkins, and Mari.

  • 06.06.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Dogstar 10: Counting Duets

    Guthrie & Streb present an evening of music for counting performers. The program consists of Tom Johnson's "Counting Duets" interspersed with poetry readings of works dealing with counting as well as a new work by Los Angeles-based composer John Eagle for viola and cello and counting. This program is presented without intermission.

  • 06.05.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Dogstar 10: 13 Degrees of Darkness

    Flutists Rachel Beetz & Christine Tavolacci present two duets:
    13 Degrees of Darkness - Alvin Lucier
    Charm - Joseph Kudirka

  • 06.01.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Dogstar 10: The Witness

    Finger Cymbal Piece - Stephen Touchton

    Rain Piece - Guy Klucevsek

    Crows - Sepand Shahab

    The Witness - Pauline Oliveros

  • 05.30.2014 8:00 p.m.

    John P. Hastings presents 'Folk Music'

    Year of the Snake - for cassette tape & boombox
    Pete Seeger in Monte Carlo - for banjo
    The Moon Shows No Light - for string instrument

    Folk music is abstracted and reframed in this suite of new work. Personal histories are exhumed, cultural touchstones are requisitioned and the ghosts of protests and mathematics are synthesized.

    This is the first event of Dog Star 10.

    • Year of Snake

      by John Hastings
    • --listen--

    • Pete Seeger in Monte

      by John Hastings
    • --listen--

    • The Moon Shows No Light

      by John Hastings
    • --listen--

    • Pancho & Lefty

      by Townes Van Zandt by Townes Zandt
    • --listen--

  • 05.14.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Rob Holliday presents...

    Anamnesis: Realization I (the wulf.)

    A multi-dimensional, collaborative project in which various artists in the Los Angeles area will perform a time/space specified realization of Anamnesis, a score for scores. This particular realization will be organized as an interactive "circus" event, constructed by chance and open to any artistic medium.

    • Anamnesis: Realization I (the wulf.)

      by Paul Fraser by Sepand Shahab by Heather Lockie by Archie Carey by Carmina Escobar by Robert Holliday by Mari Mari by Consuelo Marie by Jorge Moreno by Steven Relefore
    • --listen--

  • 05.11.2014 7:00 p.m.

    Hoods - A new opera by Carolyn Chen.


    The premiere performance of Hoods, an evening-length chamber opera based on Euripides’ Hekabe and Red Riding Hood, parallel stories of women in extremis. Setting myth and fairytale in the context of late empire and perpetual war, the opera explores themes of violence, gender, and metamorphosis. Three singers each play multiple roles from two stories of women and beasts transforming into one another. Helicopter and animal recordings harmonize with live chamber music.

    This concert is the first of four in a California tour.

    Performed by sopranos Natalie Moran, Stephanie Aston and Jessica Aszodi with Michael Matsuno, Samuel Dunscombe, Nicolee Kuester, Ryan Nestor, Judith Hamann, Kyle Motl and Colin Zyskowski, sound

    • Hoods - A new opera by Carolyn Chen.

      by Carolyn Chen
    • --listen--

  • 05.09.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Clay Chaplin presents...

    Clay Chaplin will premiere a new, longer-form audio-visual work for eight networked speakers and single channel video called Plenum.  A series of justly tuned note clusters will be randomly chosen to activate the space and surround the audience. Corresponding visual images will be created from the mathematical interplay of the pitches, durations and amplitude envelopes of a given cluster's notes. Relax and enjoy the ride.

    Clay will also perform a solo improvisation for the 8-channel Pi speaker system called Type-A Nightmare

    Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan and Clay Chaplin will perform an improvised set of computer music.

    • For Profit

      by Clay Chaplin
    • --listen--

    • Untitled set (2014_05_09)

      by Casey Anderson by Scott Cazan by Clay Chaplin
    • --listen--

  • 05.04.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Scott Perry and Casey Anderson

    Continuum Music at the wulf.:  

    A single impulse of sound repeated in a periodic manner is heard as a pulse if it occurs less than 15-20 times per second. Conversely if the impulse occurs more than 15-20 times per second it is perceived as a tone. This phenomenon is known as the rhythm-pitch continuum. Additionally if you have a rhythm which is below the threshold of tone and speed it up to the "audio rate" it becomes a type of harmony or timbre.

    On the evening of May the 4th Scott Perry will presents a number of works composed for playback over loudspeakers which take the rhythm-pitch continuum as a working basis for composition. Various bodily clicks, snaps and pops along with recordings of short clacks and ticks from objects found in and around his studio desk were subjected to recording and editing in order to create unique harmonies, timbres and melodies which are tuned to 11 limit just intonation.

    Casey Anderson will present a new and untitled live electronics piece.

  • 04.26.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Fare Thee Well, California (Marcus Rubio & Michael Winter)

    joe kudirka
    Fare Thee Well, California
         with michael winter, ukulele

    marcus rubio
    may the infinity haunt me
    - for 4 plucked instruments
    new work - for 2-3 vocalists and electric guitars
    oooo - for 3 or more iphones
    a blues (barleywine) - for voice/banjo/trombone/organ 
    selections from the duet series

    michael winter
    - for ukulele and perhaps piano and/or clarinet
         with mark so, piano; michael winter, ukulele
    partition and gate - for 2 recordings, 2 sine tones, and sustaining instruments
         with casey anderson, saxophone; christine tavolacci, flute; marcus rubio, violin;
         michael winter, harmonica; andrew young, clarinet

  • 04.20.2014 8:00 p.m.

    new works by Todd Lerew & Ingrid Lee

    Ingrid Lee presents a set of work exploring various types of focused listening:

    On User-determined Listening
    (for two lecturers)

    Pink Noise Studies
    (for binaural mics, pink noise, resonant vessels and various textures)

    Codependence Suite
    (for voices and piano)

    Please bring headphones/earbuds for this performance. There will be a limited number of headphones and smart phones in case you do not have them. Performed by Todd Lerew, Ingrid Lee, Christine Tavolacci, James Klopfleisch, Jacqueline Gordon, Sariah Wong, Danny Wood, Christoffer Schunk and John Eagle.

    Todd Lerew presents:

    concerted pitching

    (performed by Christine Tavolacci and Justin Scheid)
    Two flute mouthpieces are connected by a long, clear tube. A ball inside the tube acts as a stopper which is sufficiently tight-fitting that it acoustically separates the chamber into two segments, yet remains free to roll laterally and alter both sounding sources simultaneously. Two performers act jointly to explore the sonic capabilities of this dependent system.

    plus something else TBD, possibly involving balloons and/or water.

     Ingrid Lee is a Los Angeles based composer and performer. Her work is influenced by ideas of failure and hybridity through the use of illegitimate and inconsequential sounds: feedback, sympathetic resonance, beatings, noise.

    Todd Lerew is a Los Angeles-based composer and instrument builder whose work deals with the physical properties of sound and the nature of perception, exploring the use of sound as a plastic medium, and revisiting relationships within a performance environment.

    • On User-determined Listening

      by Ingrid Lee
    • --listen--

    • Pink Noise Studies

      by Ingrid Lee
    • --listen--

    • Performed In Accordance With The California Balloon Law, SB 1990

      by Todd Lerew
    • --listen--

    • Symbiosis Suite

      by Ingrid Lee
    • --listen--

    • Concerted Pitching

      by Todd Lerew
    • --listen--

  • 04.04.2014 8:00 p.m.

    casey anderson: new work

    the premiere of "snow(2)" (for radios, tuning forks, electronics, and resonant objects), "territory" (participatory piece for radios), as well as a new, and currently untitled, laptop piece. the performers include Scott Cazan, Bill Hutson, Mike Winter, Casey Anderson, and the audience.

    Note: the last piece will take place outside the wulf. (on the street nearby), so attendees may want to bring a jacket depending on the weather.

    • snow(2)

      by Casey Anderson
    • --listen--

    • chop and drag

      by Casey Anderson
    • --listen--

    • territory

      by Casey Anderson

  • 03.30.2014 2:00 p.m.

    The Montreal-New York Quartet presents Brady, Cage, Encarnacao, Griswold, Lockwood, and Wolff

    The Montreal-New York Quartet (Tim Brady, guitar; Thomas Buckner, voice; Lori Freedman, clarinet/bass clarinet; Pemi Paull, viola) brings together four internationally prominent new music soloists in special collaboration. The ensemble explores an expansive and challenging variety of musical language with the unusual combination of voice, electric guitar, bass clarinet and viola. American experimentalism is the point of departure, with works by John Cage and Christian Wolff, in contrast to Brady's own guitar-influenced post modern chamber music. New Zealand composer Annea Lockwood's meditative composition forms another counterpoint, balancing cutting edge premiers by two of Australia's leading younger composers, John Encarnacao and Erik Griswold.

    John Cage - Music for Four
    Tim Brady - Road Songs
    Tim Brady/Pemi Paul - Improvisation for Guitar and Viola
    Annea Lockwood - For Richard
    Erik Griswold - Mendax Redacts
    Christian Wolff - Edges
    Tim Brady/Lori Freedman - Improvisation for Guitar and Bass Clarinet
    John Encarnacao - No Direction Home
    Montreal-New York Quartet - Improvisation

    Brady regularly tours North America, Europe, Asia and Australia as an electric guitar soloist, performing his own music as well as new works which he commissions from other composers in his effort to create a new voice for the electric guitar.  In 2004 he was awarded the Prix OPUS for "Composer of the Year" by the Conseil québécois de la musique, for the outstanding quality of his work as a creative artist. In Nov. 2006 he was awarded the Jan V. Matejcek Award by SOCAN, for the most concert music performance royalties in Canada for 2005 (francophone category). Tim’s latest CD –  Atacama: Sympnonie #3  (ATMA Classique) – has been nominated for a prestigious JUNO Award in the category of Best Classical Composition of the Year.   (The JUNO Awards are the Canadian Grammy Awards.)  In January 2013 Atacama: Symphonie #3 was named "Best New Composition of the Year" at the Prix OPUS.

    For more than 40 years, baritone Thomas Buckner has dedicated himself to the world of new and improvised music. Buckner has collaborated with a host of new music composers including Robert Ashley,  Noah Creshevsky, Tom Hamilton, Earl Howard, Matthias Kaul, Leroy Jenkins, Bun Ching Lam, Annea Lockwood, Roscoe Mitchell, Phill Niblock, Wadada Leo Smith, Chinary Ung, Christian Wolff and many others. He has made appearances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Herbst Theatre, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Ostrava Days Festival, the Prague Spring Festival, and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Buckner is featured on over 40 recordings, including 6 of his own solo albums. He also created the Mutable Music record label to produce new recordings and reissue some important historic recordings, previously unavailable in CD format.

    One of Canada's most prominent new music soloists, Lori Freedman is equally comfortable with complex chamber and orchestral works and with jazz, free improvisation and music with electronics. She was the 1998 recipient of the Freddie Stone Award for the "demonstration of outstanding leadership, integrity and excellence in the area of Contemporary Music and Jazz".   She has played as a soloist with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, at the DuMaurier Jazz Festival (Toronto) , the Guelph Jazz Festival, as well as international collaborations with the Gaudeamus Muziekweek and STEIM in the Netherlands. She is also an accomplished composer for theatre and chamber music.

    Pemi Paull studied viola at McGill University, followed by further studies at the University of Indiana, where he received a full scholarship to work with the acclaimed Atara Arad. A two-time winner of the National Arts Centre Competition, he can be heard frequently as a chamber musicians with the Redpath Quartet on CBC Radio. In 2000 he premiered the viola concerto "Débacle" composer by Denis Dion, with the Orchestre symphonique du Québec. In 2002 he was the recipient of the CBC Prix Galaxie Award for chamber msuic, and in February 2003 he gave the Quebec première of Gyorgy Ligeti's "Sonata for Solo Viola".

  • 03.29.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Bob Bellerue with Jonathan Borges and William Hutson

    Bob Bellerue performs "Damned Piano" (solo for amplified piano)

    Jonathan Borges and William Hutson
    An intermittent collaborative project centered around alternating / overlapping electronics and crude noise implements -- harsh and stuttered, still and swarming. Noise concrète.

    Bob has been an active part of the experimental music scene since the late 1980s, performing under various names as a percussionist and noise artist.  He has toured extensively in the US, Europe, and Indonesia. He produces the Ende Tymes Festival in outer NYC, and was formerly based in LA where he ran the sub-garde venue the Il Corral.

    In addition to running the long-standing Monorail Trespassing cassette imprint, Jonathan Borges has been active since the early 2000's with his projects Pedestrian Deposit, Emaciator, Everyday Loneliness, and the more recent Vasculae.

    William Hutson is known for his project Rale, and is also a member of the hip hop trio clipping., in addition to writing about experimental music for various publications.

    • Damned Piano

      by Bob Bellerue
    • --listen--

    • Untitled set (2014_03_29)

      by Jonathan Borges by William Hutson
    • --listen--

  • 03.26.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Nomi Epstein

    Chicago-based composer Nomi Epstein is joined by L.A musicians in a concert of her works.  Epstein will be joined by Michael Pisaro and James Klopfleisch to premiere her Trio for guitar, piano, and double bass;  Other works on the program will include her her Text Series performed by Odeya Nini, Ellen Reid and Heather Lockie, and an improv set with Colin Wambsgans.

    This performance is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

  • 03.22.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Reinier van Houdt

    At the wulf., pianist Reinier van Houdt will present a program with music that seems to question the act of composing, making it part of more existential questions that somehow bring the composer, listener and musician closer together.

    Andrew Young : Melody:Continuum  2013
    Casey Anderson : Radio + Piano       2013
    Mark So : (Nichts, das ist)   2006
    Michael Winter : Meditation for Solo Piano 2002
    Jürg Frey : Klavierstück 1995
    Leo Svirsky : Preludes   2013 (selection)
    Antoine Beuger : Y todos cuantos vagan 2013
    --short break--
    Walter Marchetti: Natura Morta

    Reinier van Houdt is fascinated by matters that challenge notation: sound, timing, space, physicality, memory, noise - points beyond interpretation and improvisation.

    He acquired himself an unusual repertoire, giving first performances of music by Robert Ashley, Charlemagne Palestine, Maria de Alvear, Francisco López, Walter Marchetti, Jerry Hunt, Alvin Curran, Yannis Kyriakides, Kaikhosru Sorabji, Michael Pisaro and many others. He worked with pioneers like John Cage, Luc Ferrari, Alvin Lucier and Christian Marclay on performances of their work.

    Reinier van Houdt also plays in David Tibet's outsider-band CURRENT 93, recently presenting an album in collaboration with John Zorn, Nick Cave and Antony Hegarty.

    This performance is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

    • Radio + Piano

      by Casey Anderson

    • Melody:Continuum

      by Andrew Young

    • (Nichts, das ist)

      by Mark So

    • meditation for solo piano

      by Michael Winter

    • Klavierstück

      by Jürg Frey

    • Preludes

      by Leo Svirsky

    • Y todos cuantos vagan

      by Antoine Beuger

    • Natura Morta

      by Walter Marchetti

  • 03.13.2014 8:00 p.m.

    KRAAK's Lieven Martens Moana & Floris Vanhoof with Beyt al Tapes

    Lieven Martens Moana

    Lieven Martens Moana is an artist/composer from Antwerp, who blends different traditions of
    electronic music in an idiosyncratic universe. Building on the acquisitions of genres suc as musique
    concrète, field-recording, tape composition, electronic synthesis, new age and contemporary noise, he
    creates a unique mix of the historical avant-garde and poetic neo-romanticism. His work can be
    regarded as sonic landscape paintings that reflect his search for spiritual beauty. An important nonmusical
    influence of Martens Moana’s art stems from the many travels he undertook to the Azores and

    Ever since the early 2000s Martens Moana is playing a key role in the field of Belgian experimental
    music, not only as a musician, but also as a visual artist and editor. Using a variety of monikers, of
    which ‘Dolphins into the Future’ is probably the most well-known, he worked hard on what became an
    impressive oeuvre. In Belgium his LP’s are being released through KRAAK and Aguirre Records,
    other work often sees the light of day through his own Cetacean Nation Editions imprint. For his visual
    and video art Martens Moana has collaborated with a.o. Wietske Van Gils, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Joris
    Martens and Manuel Padding. Wietske Van Gils, who is assisting Martens Moana’s recent work on the
    visual side, was also invited to participate in the concerts in Mexico and the USA.

    Martens Moana is often seen as belonging to an international network and genre which is referd to as
    post-noise by specialized media. Other well-known exponents operating in this field are James Ferraro,
    Ducktails and Oneohtrix Point Never. Internationally lauded record labels such as Not Not Fun,
    Underwater Peoples, Release The Bats and Fonal released CD’s and LP’s by Martens Moana.
    Furthermore, he has extensively toured in Europe and the USA.

    Floris Vanhoof

    Ghent residing Floris Vanhoof is an electronic musician and experimental cineast whose oeuvre is
    strongly influenced by American minimalism (think of renowned composers such as Terry Riley, La
    Monte Young, Tony Conrad, Philip Glass, Laurie Spiegel, Pauline Oliveros, Morton Subotnik …) and
    by a contemporary experimental underground tradition. Vanhoof developed his music as a part of an
    inclusive approach to his own art, in which he combines his films with electronic music. His music
    combines modular synthesis with concrete sounds – so called found sound, analogous to objets trouvés
    in visual art. His film work is experimental in the litteral sense of the word. He manipulates 16mm film
    and interferes in the chemical processes of the actual film development. The core of Vanhoof’s oeuvre
    is constructed around the idea of synethesia: visual ideas and concepts are transposed to music and vice
    versa, to realize an esthetic experience of the whole.

    Apart from various cassette and CD-R releases on Belgian and international underground labels,
    Vanhoof released three widely acclaimed LP’s. Just like Lieven Martens Moana, Vanhoof belongs to
    an international network of experimental musicians and film makers. Important realizations in 2013
    include a split-album with acknowledged electronic musician Keith Fullerton Whitman on the French
    Shelter Press label, concerts in Flagey, Museum van Elsene and two solo exhibitions in Belgium.
    Vanhoof is also an active curator – in the past he was invited several times by the International Film
    Festival Rotterdam and he is currently also programming a series called All Things are Connected,
    shedding a light on the past and present of electronic music.

    More info:

    Beyt al Tapes

    Beyt al Tapes is the alias of Niels Latomme. Latomme is multi-faced artist, dividing his time being
    producer, electronic composer, graphic designer, label boss and concert promoter. As a musician he
    explored post punk and psychedelic territories in the bands Penguins Know Why and Sylvester Anfang
    II. Recently he shifted his focus to more actively construct an oeuvre as an electronic musician.
    Latomme’s body of work consists of tape compositions and sound poetry, influenced by futurism, early
    electronics and poesia sonora. Characteristic for Latomme is the use of out-moded analog equipment
    such as cassette and reel-to-reel players and analog synthesizers. He is consciously adopting the
    language of this gear because of the specific relation it offers between sound and tactility.

    Latomme’s cassette label, equally named Beyt al Tapes, releases limited run editions of experimental
    musicians, a.o. Dennis Tyfus, Steve Marreyt, Floris Vanhoof, Cactus Truck and Bear Bones, Lay Low.
    Beyt al Tapes editions are released as multiples, emphasizing the uniqueness of the object by using
    screen printing techniques and unusual materials for its packaging.

    • Piece Unknown :: Niels Latomme

      by Niels Latomme
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Niels Latomme

      by Niels Latomme
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Niels Latomme

      by Niels Latomme
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Floris Vanhoof

      by Floris Vanhoof
    • --listen--

  • 03.07.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Rick Bahto / Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken / +

    In town from Oakland, Ashley Bellouin and Ben Bracken make music with both traditional and hand made instruments that exploit the natural overtones and sympathetic vibrations generated by highly redundant tuning systems. Minimal structures and simple harmonic relationships give rise to meditative washes of sound. Each composition is constructed by considering the personal experience of a physical site, the materials used in the construction of the instruments, and the interplay between the two. Their performances are a mixture of the imagined and real, of natural phenomena, and direct action. Ashley and Ben have been awarded collaborative residencies at the Paul Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency Center and the Djerassi Resident Artists Program.

    Also Rick Bahto will present excerpts from his suite no fear of the shadows (Hardy films), performances for 8mm film and/or  35mm slides, some with sound, including Hell  here, And earth and air and rain, Suicide notes, For life I had never cared  greatly, others...

    • Piece Unknown :: Ben Bracken

      by Ashley Bellouin by Ben Bracken
    • --listen--

    • secretion

      by Dicky Bahto
    • --listen--

    • the bellouin sequence

      by Dicky Bahto
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Ben Bracken

      by Ashley Bellouin by Ben Bracken
    • --listen--

  • 02.27.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Three Thirds Record Release: "Buffalo Skinner", A Tribute to Woody Guthrie

    With Emily Lacy and Ted Byrnes

    Three Thirds celebrates the release of "Buffalo Skinner",  a five-song collection of Woody Guthrie arrangements. This group combines the underdog instruments of the orchestra - bass, oboe, viola - with a just-intoned National guitar. Add some close three-part harmonies and the result is a jangly, sometimes exuberant, sometimes desolate sonic landscape of songs you never knew you grew up with. Performing in Three Thirds: Jake Rosenzweig, Alex Wand, Claire Chenette, Heather Lockie. With special solo sets by folksinger Emily Lacy and percussionist Ted Byrnes.

    • Piece Unknown :: Jacob Wick

      by Ted Byrnes by Jacob Wick
    • --listen--

    • Folk Songs

      by Emily Lacy
    • --listen--

    • first set of songs

      by Three Thirds
    • --listen--

    • Buffalo Skinner: A Tribute to Woodie Guthrie

      by Three Thirds
    • --listen--

  • 02.23.2014 9:00 p.m.

    Shahab / So

    collaboration featuring many speakers, tape, tones

    • Piece Unknown :: Mark So

      by Mark So by Sepand Shahab
    • --listen--

  • 02.22.2014 8:00 p.m.

    John Eagle presents...

    John Eagle presents a selection of tactics and strategies in counting.


     -sections from 'incomplete polyrhythms'
     -'groups, no. 1'
     -a round for Andy Young

    Todd Lerew will also perform his piece 'yielding isometrics' for theremin.

  • 02.15.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Ulrich Krieger & Josh Carro Present...

    Fathom by U.K. (50')
    -- intermission -- (20')
    Cymbal by U.K. (15')
    sketches of L.A. by j.c. (30')


    Doom Metal meets Reductionism in the Purgatory of Just Intonation

    The Fathom Quartet includes musicians working and collaborating with Lou Reed, Lee Ranaldo (from Sonic Youth), and Merzbow (Ulrich Krieger), Faust (Krieger and Josh Carro) and the Grandmothers of Invention (Max Kutner) among others.

    for contrabass clarinet, 2 just intonation electric guitars, electronic sounds, and amplified percussion

    Ulrich Krieger

    to fathom
    (to measure, to probe, to explore, to examine, to grasp, to conceive)
    A composition for a rock instrumentation: (contrabass-) clarinet, 2 (just intonation) electric guitars, percussion and fixed media.
    Doom metal meets Morton Feldman - like flying through liquid space…
    Rhythmic-metrical repetitive sounds, melodies, riffs, and patterns, creating poly-metrical structures of overlapping times.
    "Summation-Patterns” (∑-Pattern) will emerge from this in the same way as summation tones emerge from overlapping frequencies.
    Iridescent patterns originate, weaving a texture with much space (no loops).
    Filigree, hypnotic, and sensual the piece bridges the gap between ‘New Music’ and experimental Rock.
    The listener follows individual parts or the overall texture – or switching between both.
    Sometimes the music seems to be static, then small changes surface, until suddenly something new develops from there.
    Individual voices emerge from the group, floating on the sound, only to vanish again in the ensemble, like voices in a counterpoint.
    The relationship between sound and time has been a central theme for my work in the last couple of years. Both elements are for me the main ones, which create a certain directness and sensuality in music. This includes also repetitions (regular or asymmetrical ones), which were so long neglected by European contemporary music. By layering very reduced material, very complex soundscapes can be produced, which I call ‘instrumental or acoustic electronics’: a rhythmical/metrical music, which is static, sound orientated, rhythmical and melodic at the same time,
    which leaves space, breathes, accumulates and thins out again.
    Everything changes – nothing changes.

  • 02.08.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Bob Ostertag presents...

    Bob Ostertag performs a rare US concert, and only his second ever concert in Los Angeles. Composer, inprovisor, historian, instrument builder, journalist, activist, Bob Ostertag's work cannot easily be summarized or pigeon-holed. He has published 25 CDs of music, two movies, and four books. His writings on contemporary politics have been published on every continent and in many languages.  He has performed at music, film, and multi-media festivals around the globe. His radically diverse collaborators include the Kronos Quartet, avant garder John Zorn, heavy metal star Mike Patton, jazz great Anthony Braxton, punk rocker Lynn Breedlove, gender queer chanteuse Justin Bond, Quebecois film maker Pierre Hébert, and others.

    Thank you to KCHUNG Radio for helping us put this on!

    This performance is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

    • Synthesizer Set

      by Bob Ostertag

    • Sooner Or Later

      by Bob Ostertag

  • 01.31.2014 8:00 p.m.


    new works and performances by aidan reynolds and andy young* – performed by computers, composers, and best friends.

    Andy Young is a composer, performer, listener and coffee drinker from Rhode Island. Andy has performed throughout New England and Southern California and has released albums with Spectropol records, the Yawn Empire, and Corleone records. Recently he has created works with minimal structures that focus on texture, perception, filtering, and room noise.

    *the appearance of andy is possible in part by a generous donation from YAWN TAPES.

    This performance is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

    • Artifacts 3

      by Andrew Young
    • --listen--

    • So Far

      by Andrew Young
    • --listen--

    • arcmelodies 1 (for Sofia Canales)

      by Aidan Reynolds
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Aidan Reynolds

      by Aidan Reynolds
    • --listen--

    • LessHighMightDie20140131

      by Andrew Young by Aidan Reynolds
    • --listen--

  • 01.29.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Bonnie Jones | Andrea Neumann | Suzanne Thorpe

    Bonnie Jones: electronics, samples
    Andrea Neumann: modified autoharp, mixing desk
    Suzanne Thorpe: electro-acoustic flute

    Bonnie Jones and Andrea Neumann's improvised music is a rich contradiction of textures and timbres with each artist committed to both defining and expanding the definitions of their music through long-term collaboration. The duo have been performing together since 2007.

    Andrea typically performs on a custom-made Bernd Bittmann piano with no-input mixer feedback but for this duo tour she will be performing on a modified autoharp. Bonnie plays field recordings/samples and the circuit boards of digital delay pedals. The sounds produced by these instruments are often jarring and abstract but at turns equally melodic and complex. It is this sonic tension and contrast that the duo uses to create unusual musical dialogues and narratives in their work.

    Bonnie and Andrea have presented their work in the US, Mexico, and Europe, most recently at the 2nd Festival International Cerro de Arena in 2012 held at UNAM, Tlatelolco, Centro Cultural Univerisitario in Mexico City, MX. The duo released their album green just as I could see on Erstwhile Records in 2012.

    Suzanne Thorpe is a musician/composer who performs in a spectrum of modalities, fixed and improvised, installed and recorded. She plays electro-acoustic flute through an ever-evolving array of analog and digital effects, and incorporates laptop on whim. She is always listening for new sounds and timbres, and the right moments to introduce them to each other.

    Her composed works tend to be site-specific sound pieces that speak of and with the environment, with an amalgam of sounds, old and new. Her work has been shown and performed internationally, including All Tomorrow's Parties (UK and U.S.), Roskilde (DK), The New Museum (NYC), Issue Project Room's Floating Points Festival (NYC), Activating the Medium Festival (San Francisco), No Idea Festival (Austin), High Zero Festival (Baltimore), and exhibited at Klieo Gallery (NYC), Exit Art (NYC), Mills College (Oakland), California College of the Arts (Oakland) and more.

    As an improvisor she has performed with Pauline Oliveros, Zeena Parkins, Gino Robair, Chris Brown, Zbigniew Karkowski, Anit-matter, Ulrich Krieger, Jenny Walsh, Miya Masaoka, Miguel Frasconi, Bonnie Jones, Philip White, Maria Chavez, Shelley Burgon and Stephan Moore among others

    She has released over 20 recordings on labels such as Sony, V2, Beggars Banquet, Geffen, Specific Recordings, and Tape Drift, and was a founding member of critically acclaimed Mercury Rev, with whom she performed, recorded and toured from 1989 - 2001, earning a gold record for 1998's Deserter's Songs. She can more recently be heard on J Mascis' solo record Several Shades of Why (Sub Pop) and Pauline Oliveros’ Primordial Lift (Lovely Records).

    Thorpe has been the recipient of residencies and fellowships from Harvestworks Digital Media Foundation, Meet the Composer, NYFA and was awarded the Frog Peak Collective Award for innovative research in the electronic music field. Executive Director of the Electronic Music Foundation from 2008 - 2012, she also taught sound design at the New School of Social Research and Marymount Manhattan College.  Currently, Thorpe is pursuing a PhD in Integrative Studies at UCSD.

    This performance is made possible in part by the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles.

    • Piece Unknown :: Suzanne Thorpe

      by Suzanne Thorpe
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Andrea Neumann

      by Andrea Neumann by Bonnie Jones
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Andrea Neumann

      by Andrea Neumann by Bonnie Jones
    • --listen--

  • 01.24.2014 8:00 p.m.

    Jack Wright, Ben Wright, Corey Fogel present...

    Three improvisers will present individual and collaborative new works.

    Rarely heard on the west coast, the Father and Son touring from Philadelphia and Taos, will present their legendary improvised saxophone + double bass duo collaboration, as well as improvisations with Corey Fogel and other guests.

    Corey Fogel will present a new score for a vibraphone, accompanied by pairs of guitars, drumsets, and brass.

    a description and some bios:

    Jack and Ben Wright:
    This duo didn't begin when Ben was in the womb, but it could have, given the close playing between father and son. Many parent musicians find their children are interested in a different music, and that was true for Ben's teenage years. But for the last twenty years (Ben is 45) they have been on the same path of acoustic improvisation, playing as regularly as possible, given the distance between them. Their new album for Relative Pitch Records, As If Anything Could Be The Same will tour fourteen Westcoast cities in Jan.-Feb.
    Described twenty years ago as an "undergrounder by design," Jack Wright has been a saxophone improviser traveling through the US and Europe since the early 80s in search of interesting partners and playing situations. Now at 71, he is still the "Johnny Appleseed of Free Improvisation," as guitarist Davey Williams called him. His range is from fiery, breathless free jazz to quiet, breath-filled, and often animalistic sounds. A reviewer for the Washington Post said, "In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation, saxophonist Jack Wright is king".

    For more info go to,

    for sounds

    and writings
    Ben Wright from Taos, New Mexico plays double bass. He cut his teeth in Philadelphia punk rock, and has since been working the bass for 25 odd years bolstered by intense spats of incidental formal training. A lover of the lowest frequencies, Ben has explored many disparate forms of music, yet always returns to the wellspring of improvisation. Currently, Ben plays with “Wind Up Birds”, “Czech Megaphone,” poet John Biscello, Arctistics, Jack Wright, and assorted eclectic partners locally and nationally. "I play music for the bliss of  that  instant when I lose consciousness of my surroundings,  my instrument, and myself…there is only music. That is the crux where spontaneous creation between performers and audience is conceived."

    Corey Fogel (b. 1977) is a drummer and performance artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Corey performs and composes in many rock, jazz, noise, folk, and chamber music capacities. His solo work as a composer and performance artist is based around spontaneous encounters with sounds, objects, personalities, textiles, foods, spanning video, dance, and installation.

    Corey has been a member of groups: Julia Holter, Missincinatti, The Mae Shi, Gowns, Cryptacize, Barbez, Monstro, The Curtains, Learning Music, Nowcloud, Dominique Leone, 18 Squared. In addition to touring and recording nationally and abroad, Corey has presented his own work with Machine Project, LACMA, Human Resources, The Wulf, The Hammer Museum, and REDCAT.

    • duo improvisation 1

      by Ben Wright by Jack Wright
    • --listen--

    • duo improvisation 2

      by Ben Wright by Jack Wright
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Corey Fogel

      by Corey Fogel
    • --listen--

    • group improvisation

      by various composers
    • --listen--

  • 01.17.2014 8:00 p.m.

    New Films, New Videos, New Surprises

    films and videos by Ryan Betschart, Sofia Canales, Andrew Kim, Ekkaphob (Keng) Sumsiripong, and Walter Vargas.


    Title: Distant Meadows
    Artist(s): Ryan Betschart, Tyler Betschart
    Synopsis: Distant Meadows is a lo fi experimental motion picture concentrating on the instability of the present and a longing for people and places of the past. A frog puppet and his family act as a catalyst into a dream like memory space and it’s subsequent vacancy. Different recording mediums and repetition through picture and sound are used to reinforce the idea of memories as shifting logic terrain.
    Length: 17 minutes.

    Title: Mujer
    Artist: Sofia Canales
    Synopsis: Three Latina women of different generations take pleasure in helping each other bathe, dress up, and cook a meal for themselves.
    Length: 10 minutes

    Title: You Look Like Your Drawing
    2013 / 20 min / HD Video / Color / Sound
    Artist: Ekkaphob Sumsiripong
    Synopsis: I was making a portrait of a man making a portrait of another man making a portrait of himself.
    Length: 20 minutes

    full details to be announced at the screening.