the wulf.

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04.21.2018 8:00 p.m.


the wulf. @ Coaxial Arts

1815 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA US 90016

Juanjosé Rivas
+Carmina Escobar
Micaela Tobin

Visiting from Mexico City visual/sound artist Juanjosé Rivas presents his work Mumble (Mascullar) Serie Plexus. Sound action: horse's jaw, brackets, modified muzzles and electronics.

MUMBLE -The action to speak between teeth or to pronounce the words badly to say something dimly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.

Plexus is a series of sound actions based on different body movements which try to generate a symbolic dialogue between physical concepts throughout sound improvisation such as: error, randomness and the stochastic in order to describe some kind of body phenomena.

These natural actions comprising the series are determined by randomly choosing an alphabet letter, and then limiting and defining every composition by an infinitive verb beginning with the letter previously selected. The aesthetic elements, the technique and the technological tools used to represent the sounds are confined by the physical conditions of the previously selected verb, as well as by the physical limitations and logistical constraints of the venue where the composition is performed. This iteration is in collaboration with Carmina Escobar

Two more sets by local artist MICAELA TOBIN and ISTWA will preceede the piece.

Juanjosé Rivas* -

Visual/sound artist specializing in electronic media, Juanjosé Rivas employs myriad techniques to give voice to the translation, error, obstruction, and interference inside artistic languages. Attempts to define the impossible, reveal the hidden, articulate the unspeakable, and evidence the truth as an instituted lie are some of the conceptual approaches used in his work.

Juanjosé Rivas made a sound residence in Centre for Contemporary Creation Matadero in Madrid, Spain (2013); he was Fellow Program Development Cultural Projects and Joint Ventures 2013; beneficiary of the Board of Contemporary Art PAC 2012; and has twice received the grant from the Young Artists Program specializing in Multimedia, FONCA-CONACULTA 2005 and 2011. He was a member of the Council of Planning and Evaluation for the Festival of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_MX 2010-2014.

Juanjosé currently teaches at University Centro for Film, Design, and Television and is Artistic Director of VOLTA, a series of international concerts of sound art and experimental music in Mexico City.

 *Miembro del Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte.

Carmina Escobar

is a performer, improviser, sound and intermedia artist from Mexico City. Her work focuses primarily on sound, the voice, the body, and their interrelations to physical, social, memory and present spaces. She has extensively explored the capacities of her voice developing a wide range of vocal techniques that she applies not only to her performance and creative practice but also to investigate radical ideas and concepts regarding the voice. In her artwork the Voice is the phenomenon and conceptual trigger that links all the materials, analogue or digital, in order to create an experience that sets in motion the audience perception. Carmina has presented her own work in diverse festivals, biennials, experimental venues, formal concert halls and living rooms of the Mexican Republic, the USA, and Europe.

Micaela Tobin -

Soprano, sound artist, and teacher Micaela Tobin specializes in contemporary voice and experimental sound practice, performing her own hybrid of noise music and opera under the moniker, “White Boy Scream.” Currently, she is interested in dissecting the construct of her classical training through the genres of noise and drone. The recent premiere of her feminist, electroacoustic noise-opera, Unseal Unseam, at Highways Performance space in October 2017 was described as “paralyzingly beautiful (New Classic LA).” An active collaborator, Micaela has premiered new work at the 2016 NOW Fest at REDCAT, OutSider Fest in Austin, and internationally at the XIII Festival Internacional Musica Nueva in Monterrey, Mexico, the New Music Encounters Plus International Music Festival in Brno, Czech Republic, the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the 2016 Vancouver New Music Festival. She is currently on faculty in the VoiceArts department at the California Institute for the Arts.


Terrible Records/B.U.R.N. LA

past events

12.13.2008 8:00 p.m.

doremilogy: the music for one and three guitars by Taku Sugimoto

john p. hastings, eric klerks and michael pisaro: an evening of music for one and for three guitars by taku sugimoto. taku is known worldwide as one of the great improvising guitarists but is also a fascinating composer. 'doremilogy' 1.1, 2.13 and 1.21 plus his 'three guitars'. doremilogy is taku's name for works that use scales: mostly diatonic, often microtonal as well. strange, beautiful, quiet pieces.

    • three guitars

      by Taku Sigumoto by Taku Sugimoto

    • doremilogy 1.21

      by Taku Sigumoto by Taku Sugimoto

    • doremilogy 1.1

      by Taku Sigumoto by Taku Sugimoto

    • doremilogy 2.13

      by Taku Sigumoto by Taku Sugimoto

    • 100 Cadences with four melodies, a choral, and coda ("with bells on!")

      by Art Jarvinen
    • --listen--

    • Only

      by Mark Menzies
    • --listen--

    • Hymn of Change from Bell Solaris

      by David Tholl)
    • --listen--

    • Beautiful City

      by Marc Sabat
    • --listen--

  • 12.07.2008 2:00 p.m.

    Ensemble 303 Presents: Drones & Scones

    The Music of James Tenney, La Monte Young, c.t. anderson and John P. Hastings:

    In a Large Open Space - James Tenney

    Composition 1960 #7 - La Monte Young

    fades/crossfades from exchange symmetry as cultural model for these our withering years - c.t. anderson

    Sonic Spiral - John P. Hastings

    • In a Large Open Space

      by James Tenney
    • --listen--

    • Composition 1960 #7

      by Lamonte Young
    • --listen--

    • fades/crossfades from exchange symmetry as cultural model for these our withering years

      by Casey Anderson
    • --listen--

    • Sonic Spiral

      by John Hastings
    • --listen--

  • 12.05.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Duo Gagliardi Barrett and Guests

    Francesco Gagliardi - Two Films About Rome, Reading Piece #4

    Kersten Fuchs - Victoria Park

    G. Douglas Barrett - Performance Transciption (Two Films About Rome)

    11.22.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Music of Christian Kesten

    pre-lude 7.30pm
    sound album by mari garrett

    o.T. (atem zunge lippen) | untitled (breath tongue lips) by christian kesten

    zunge lösen | releasing the tongue by christian kesten

    THE ROOM for 5 speakers and 5 instruments
    words & music by christian kesten

    • o.T.(atern zunge lippen)|untitled(breath tongue lips)

      by Christian Kesten
    • --listen--

    • zunge lösen|releasing the tounge

      by Christian Kesten
    • --listen--

    • THE ROOM

      by Christian Kesten
    • --listen--

    • sound album

      by Mari Garrett
    • --listen--

  • 11.21.2008 8:00 p.m.

    2 sets of music (30-40 min. each)

    set 1: new zealand artist paul winstanley presents SCI HI - no input/pure electronic feedback

    set 2: Bonnie Jones and David Kendall < laptop(s) >

    • Piece Unknown :: Composer Unknown

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

    • SCI HI

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Composer Unknown

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

  • 11.14.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Music of Mark So

    1 (streetside) < performed by overton/so >
    negative volumes of the lives of strangers (this side of emptiness)
    [to Antoine Beuger] [Ashbery series] (2008)

    2 (concert space) < performed by brown/wada >
    We have not such in our gardens
    [Ashbery series] (2008)

    3 (rooftop, by the a/c) < performed by fogel/so >
    clouds and grasses
    [for Christian Kesten & Adam Overton] (2008)

    11.08.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Nels Cline + Devin Sarno

    Electric guitar/bass improvisations

    • Piece Unknown :: Composer Unknown

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

    • Quartet Improvisations

      by Mark Trayle by Ulrich Krieger by Andrea Neumann by Sabine Ercklentz
    • --listen--

  • 10.24.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Upload .. Download .. Release Party

    james orsher - ______ music for man ray

    raven chacon - duet

    michael pisaro - sound demonstrations

    madison brookshire - Listen

    adam overton - duet (for tashi wada)

    download official press release - here -

  • 09.28.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Danny Holt and Friends

    louis andriessen - Workers' Union

    eric km clark - Adjustment and Mirror

    mike winter - a chance happening

    philip glass - Two Pages

    • canon, beauty and industry, solidarity

      by Joe Kudirka
    • --listen--

    • two durations, exercize, three yellow events

      by George Brecht
    • --listen--

  • 09.01.2008 8:00 p.m.

    microscore project (johnny chang and jessica catron)

    the microscore project: new 30-second music and microscores from around the world, as well as some old favorites from their collection of around 300 microscores including works by james tenney, pauline oliveros, peter ablinger.

    • the microscore project

      by Various Various
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Composer Unknown

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

  • 08.23.2008 8:00 p.m.

    johnny chang presents:

    michael pisaro - violin and ___ materials

    douglas barrett - a few silences

    johnny chang - wendel

    • wendel

      by Johnny Chang
    • --listen--

    • a few silences

      by G. Douglas Barrett by Douglas Barrett
    • --listen--

    • violin and ___ materials

      by Michael Pisaro
    • --listen--