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04.24.2017 8:00 p.m.

Dead Lion and Toshi Ichiyanagi's "Music for Electric Metronome"

the wulf. @ Coaxial Arts

Daniel Fishkin's Dead Lion
Daniel Fishkin, photodiodes, oscilloscopes, voice

Toshi Ichiyanagi's "Music for Electric Metronome," performed by Andrew Young, Stephanie Smith, Mark So, and Liam Mooney

Daniel Fishkin’s ears are ringing. Composer, sound artist, and instrument builder. Completely ambivalent about music. Daniel studied with composer Maryanne Amacher and with multi-instrumentalist Mark Stewart. He has performed as a soloist on modular synthesizer with the American Symphony Orchestra, developed sound installations in abandoned concert halls, and played innumerable basement punk shows. Daniel’s lifework investigating the aesthetics of hearing damage has received international press (Nature Journal, 2014); as an ally in the search for a cure, he has been awarded the title of  “tinnitus ambassador” by the Deutsche Tinnitus-Stiftung. Recent activities include a Project Grant from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. Daniel received his MA in Music Composition from Wesleyan University, has taught analog synthesis at Bard College, and, as fate would have it, is now pursuing his PhD at University of California, San Diego.


i can't handle your twisted party bullshit
How could I make a “modular” system of my own? One day at my workbench, I realized that the green CRT bream of of my oscilloscope is a very stable sawtooth waveform. I used my photodiode pickups to listen to this signal. I could change the pitch in intervals by varying the Timebase or “Sec/Div” knob. Through rampant misuse of the calibration knob, I could achieve a smooth glissandi. I controlled volume by moving the photodiode away from the beam. Thus I could achieve the classical “theremin” control of an electronic instrument: one hand for pitch, one hand for dynamics.
I built an entire synthesizer system out of four oscilloscopes and a mixer. By sending the same signal into both mixer & oscilloscope, a feedback path is made entirely in the domain of light, between the screen of the CRT and the photodiode microphone. The oscilloscope shows its own sound, and as I manipulate it, I learn from its visual language in order to predict its music. Initially I considering modifying the oscilloscope for voltage control, in order to interface with modular synthesizers, but I realized that the scopes contain so many esoteric inputs and outputs, all of which can be exploited for sound. Each oscilloscope seems to behave uniquely, and thus a mixing of scopes forms a lively ensemble.

external trigger
Look closely at the instrument panel of a Tektronix 2235 oscilloscope. To the left, an illuminated 3” monitor, lit by a green pixel. To the right, two large knobs control the vertical deflection of that line—the vertical amplifiers. These amplifiers are connected to two inputs. Another large knob, sec/div, controls how fast the pixel travels across the screen. Inside the oscilloscope, a trigger circuit aligns the scan rate to the input frequency of the signal present at the vertical amplifier. This circuit is actually essential to display a stable signal that does not wander horizontally on the screen. Modern scopes have an “automatic” setting, to more reliably trigger with regards to the input signal. However, if desired, one can opt to use an “external trigger”, accessible by an BNC jack with variable coupling options.

gimme gimme gimmen (G. Ginn)
I theorize this project as a band, but it is "dead"—I do not do songs, and thus each performance is a zombie improvisation with no central Urtext. In the recent political situation, I've been searching for text. This performance uses the song text, Gimme Gimme Gimme by Black Flag. I stripped the song of everything but words, and spoke them with my oscilloscopes as accompaniment. I say to the audience, "Imagine that not I am the singer, but rather, the current president of our country."

Candle Piece
I was inspired by Nic Collins’ circuit sculpture In Memoriam, but I thought he picked the wrong candle. I wanted a faster-burning candle, and a piece that was more like pop music in development and flow. I designed my own circuit which is tuned to react to the flame of a 5-minute candle. In darkness, it is silent. When the candle is lit, the circuit plays music which changes as the candle burns.

your lights are going out
have you ever heard a dead lion roar?

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past events

12.13.2008 8:00 p.m.

doremilogy: the music for one and three guitars by Taku Sugimoto

john p. hastings, eric klerks and michael pisaro: an evening of music for one and for three guitars by taku sugimoto. taku is known worldwide as one of the great improvising guitarists but is also a fascinating composer. 'doremilogy' 1.1, 2.13 and 1.21 plus his 'three guitars'. doremilogy is taku's name for works that use scales: mostly diatonic, often microtonal as well. strange, beautiful, quiet pieces.

    • three guitars

      by Taku Sigumoto by Taku Sugimoto

    • doremilogy 1.21

      by Taku Sigumoto by Taku Sugimoto

    • doremilogy 1.1

      by Taku Sigumoto by Taku Sugimoto

    • doremilogy 2.13

      by Taku Sigumoto by Taku Sugimoto

    • 100 Cadences with four melodies, a choral, and coda ("with bells on!")

      by Art Jarvinen
    • --listen--

    • Only

      by Mark Menzies
    • --listen--

    • Hymn of Change from Bell Solaris

      by David Tholl)
    • --listen--

    • Beautiful City

      by Marc Sabat
    • --listen--

  • 12.07.2008 2:00 p.m.

    Ensemble 303 Presents: Drones & Scones

    The Music of James Tenney, La Monte Young, c.t. anderson and John P. Hastings:

    In a Large Open Space - James Tenney

    Composition 1960 #7 - La Monte Young

    fades/crossfades from exchange symmetry as cultural model for these our withering years - c.t. anderson

    Sonic Spiral - John P. Hastings

    • In a Large Open Space

      by James Tenney
    • --listen--

    • Composition 1960 #7

      by Lamonte Young
    • --listen--

    • fades/crossfades from exchange symmetry as cultural model for these our withering years

      by Casey Anderson
    • --listen--

    • Sonic Spiral

      by John Hastings
    • --listen--

  • 12.05.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Duo Gagliardi Barrett and Guests

    Francesco Gagliardi - Two Films About Rome, Reading Piece #4

    Kersten Fuchs - Victoria Park

    G. Douglas Barrett - Performance Transciption (Two Films About Rome)

    11.22.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Music of Christian Kesten

    pre-lude 7.30pm
    sound album by mari garrett

    o.T. (atem zunge lippen) | untitled (breath tongue lips) by christian kesten

    zunge lösen | releasing the tongue by christian kesten

    THE ROOM for 5 speakers and 5 instruments
    words & music by christian kesten

    • o.T.(atern zunge lippen)|untitled(breath tongue lips)

      by Christian Kesten
    • --listen--

    • zunge lösen|releasing the tounge

      by Christian Kesten
    • --listen--

    • THE ROOM

      by Christian Kesten
    • --listen--

    • sound album

      by Mari Garrett
    • --listen--

  • 11.21.2008 8:00 p.m.

    2 sets of music (30-40 min. each)

    set 1: new zealand artist paul winstanley presents SCI HI - no input/pure electronic feedback

    set 2: Bonnie Jones and David Kendall < laptop(s) >

    • Piece Unknown :: Composer Unknown

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

    • SCI HI

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Composer Unknown

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

  • 11.14.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Music of Mark So

    1 (streetside) < performed by overton/so >
    negative volumes of the lives of strangers (this side of emptiness)
    [to Antoine Beuger] [Ashbery series] (2008)

    2 (concert space) < performed by brown/wada >
    We have not such in our gardens
    [Ashbery series] (2008)

    3 (rooftop, by the a/c) < performed by fogel/so >
    clouds and grasses
    [for Christian Kesten & Adam Overton] (2008)

    11.08.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Nels Cline + Devin Sarno

    Electric guitar/bass improvisations

    • Piece Unknown :: Composer Unknown

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

    • Quartet Improvisations

      by Mark Trayle by Ulrich Krieger by Andrea Neumann by Sabine Ercklentz
    • --listen--

  • 10.24.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Upload .. Download .. Release Party

    james orsher - ______ music for man ray

    raven chacon - duet

    michael pisaro - sound demonstrations

    madison brookshire - Listen

    adam overton - duet (for tashi wada)

    download official press release - here -

  • 09.28.2008 8:00 p.m.

    Danny Holt and Friends

    louis andriessen - Workers' Union

    eric km clark - Adjustment and Mirror

    mike winter - a chance happening

    philip glass - Two Pages

    • canon, beauty and industry, solidarity

      by Joe Kudirka
    • --listen--

    • two durations, exercize, three yellow events

      by George Brecht
    • --listen--

  • 09.01.2008 8:00 p.m.

    microscore project (johnny chang and jessica catron)

    the microscore project: new 30-second music and microscores from around the world, as well as some old favorites from their collection of around 300 microscores including works by james tenney, pauline oliveros, peter ablinger.

    • the microscore project

      by Various Various
    • --listen--

    • Piece Unknown :: Composer Unknown

      by Composer Unknown
    • --listen--

  • 08.23.2008 8:00 p.m.

    johnny chang presents:

    michael pisaro - violin and ___ materials

    douglas barrett - a few silences

    johnny chang - wendel

    • wendel

      by Johnny Chang
    • --listen--

    • a few silences

      by G. Douglas Barrett by Douglas Barrett
    • --listen--

    • violin and ___ materials

      by Michael Pisaro
    • --listen--