the wulf.

upcoming events

04.21.2018 8:00 p.m.


the wulf. @ Coaxial Arts

1815 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA US 90016

Juanjosé Rivas
+Carmina Escobar
Micaela Tobin

Visiting from Mexico City visual/sound artist Juanjosé Rivas presents his work Mumble (Mascullar) Serie Plexus. Sound action: horse's jaw, brackets, modified muzzles and electronics.

MUMBLE -The action to speak between teeth or to pronounce the words badly to say something dimly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.

Plexus is a series of sound actions based on different body movements which try to generate a symbolic dialogue between physical concepts throughout sound improvisation such as: error, randomness and the stochastic in order to describe some kind of body phenomena.

These natural actions comprising the series are determined by randomly choosing an alphabet letter, and then limiting and defining every composition by an infinitive verb beginning with the letter previously selected. The aesthetic elements, the technique and the technological tools used to represent the sounds are confined by the physical conditions of the previously selected verb, as well as by the physical limitations and logistical constraints of the venue where the composition is performed. This iteration is in collaboration with Carmina Escobar

Two more sets by local artist MICAELA TOBIN and ISTWA will preceede the piece.